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News |  12 Mar 2018 17:25 |  By RnMTeam

I didn't expect my songs to turn out so beautiful with Sagarika Music: Suhit Abhyankar

MUMBAI: An electrical engineer by profession, Suhit Abhyankar, is a rare new musician who has not established through reality shows. Suhit, as a music composer has already given music to five Marathi films, out of which three are yet to release while Atithi and Taatva have been released.

Suhit started singing very early in his life. “I started learning in Pune. I intend to be a composer only, but I am learning singing just to understand the basics,” he said.

Already the man behind composing music for many Marathi films, Suhit is also regular on television shows. “I have been a guest on many Marathi music shows. Some along with my mother too, who has written songs. Together, we have presented them on Doordarshan,” Suhit stated. And with Marathi shows, he doesn’t mean reality shows.

Currently, Suhit collaborated with Sagarika Music for a first of its kind musical short film. Though the journey of this song is a little reverse he further added, “I shared a song that I had composed with Sagarika Ma’am on social media. The lyrics were written by Sangeeta tai (Lyricist Sangeeta Barve), with whom I have worked initially too. After listening to the song Sagarika Ma’am connected with me to discuss. She however felt that just releasing this song wouldn’t work and that is how the idea of a video came in. But then, she felt something more was needed, so she wrote a script and shared with me and Sangeeta tai. Basis the script shared by her, Sangeeta tai wrote another 4-5 songs, out of which the second track was born. The script and songs were woven around each other. I didn’t expect my songs to turn out so beautiful with Sagarika Music.”

 “As mentioned, first only one song was shared that was Lagbag, and then as the story was developed, we weaved another song, Nachteya,” adds Suhit.

The short film titled Chandana is about Chandana (the elder child), her sister and their mother. A mother who is duty bound and principled but afraid to break accepted rules of society. The elder daughter, Chandana, is risk taking to achieve her dreams and the younger sister, who is in awe of the courage her sister shows and wants to walk on her footsteps. Despite the risks, their bond as a family, their willingness to sacrifice for each other, wins over everything.

Chandana encourages women education and empowerment and was correctly released on the eve of Women’s Day. For a Marathi short, it garnered around 10,000 views, which is a feat in itself.