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News |  08 Mar 2018 18:53 |  By RnMTeam

Sona Mohapatra on how women's day could be celebrated

MUMBAI: People round the globe are talking about women rights, empowerment, wishing them a great day, encouraging them for their achievements and more. But did anyone ask a woman how she wants the day to be celebrated or her thoughts on this day?

Well, the singer, music composer and lyricist Sona Mohapatra spoke about this to Radioandmusic. On asking her views about celebrating women empowerment, she said, “Celebrating women’s empowerment on any day is a good idea. We need more positive narratives and stories of women who’ve overcome the odds to build a better life for themselves and their loved ones.”

Globally the day is celebrated in different ways. Gradually the status of women in the society is also changing but there is something one needs to know before accepting a change is its roots. “One idea of celebrating this day could be to create an online chart of the timeline of women’s emancipation. This would help the future generations to view and understand the situation that women have faced over the ages,” said the Ambarsariya singer.

We are aware that Mohapatra has always stood for women rights and empowerment. She further also gives an easy way out to celebrate this day for a woman to feel special and blessed. “I would suggest, just letting go and being as good a human as one can be. A fair just, normal person aspiring to goodness would automatically mean understanding and celebrating womanhood at par with manhood,” she ended.