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News |  13 Feb 2018 18:09 |  By RnMTeam

Five musical ways to impress your valentine this Valentine's Day

MUMBAI: Roses, gifts, and all that is mushy are the safest ways to impress your valentine. But, this time let’s think musically. They say music is the food for romance, so let's explore five ways to impress your loved one this Valentine's musically.

Make a playlist: The best way to make someone feel special is to remember small things about their likes and dislikes. To make a playlist is an updated version of "Mixed Tape" formula of 90's.  Not a new way definitely, but a confirmed way to make your loved one smile, is to make a playlist of their favourite songs. Zero cost, little effort but a lot of love.

Gift an instrument: There is a hidden performer in each of us, for some even a hidden rock-star. Identify that hidden and long forgotten passion and encourage them to follow that, even as a hobby. Buy them their favourite instrument, that might boost their interest more. From trumpet to keyboard to fute, lot of options.

Memorabilia of their favourite musician: As a teenager, each of one us have been ardent followers of some genre of music. Merchandise with Bob Marley quotes are omnipresent at every store, so are Elvis T-shirts, Beyonce posters et all. Easy but personal.

Sing for them: Admitted not everyone is a pro at singing and in real-time and daily life autotune is not present. But it’s the emotion that matters. So, on a date dinner/lunch surprise him/her with their favourite song and declare your love. Little practice beforehand wouldn't hurt your valentine or the rest of audience either.

Dedicate a song for them: If you know that your partner listens to radio every day, while commuting, just remember their favourite shows. Most of the radio channels, have special shows on Valentine's Day, so just get in touch with them and dedicate a song that sums up your feelings for them. If they don't listen to it, strategically make them listen to it.  Pro Tip: If you want to be discreet, use your pet names or some inside jokes and drop hints.