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News |  19 Jan 2018 12:55 |  By RnMTeam

Suprabhata with MJ Divyashree

MUMBAI: Many consider Radio a passé in the world of music streaming apps and iPods, but there is still a loyal audience to radio. The reason is, radio beyond the jarring advertisements still gives and shares a lot of unique information, which personal music players or streaming apps don’t. Most of the radio stations make a point to bring forth some innovative and concept based shows to retain their loyal base. Moreover, radio stations based in every state curate shows to attract the local and native audience. 

92.7 BIG FM, Bengaluru starts early and believes the listeners should also rise and shine, with its early morning show, Suprabhata, literally meaning Good Morning.

The show is hosted by MJ (Music Jockey) Divyashree. "I come from a conservative but considerably liberal family. My father made sure that both I and my sister get our formal education in Kannada, not because of any rigid mindset, but to learn the nuances and purity of the language, before moving to a convent school. Little did I know that this would help me in my career." 

A trained Bharatnatyam dancer and classical musician got the opportunity to be on radio instantly. "I was working with IT Company, and had a musical band with my colleagues of the same company called Pratidhwani. As a part of promotions for the same band, we had to go to a radio station. This was my first visit to a radio station and I had no idea that they too have backend work. This got me really interested and I expressed my desire to work for the back office. My friend knew someone at BIG FM and I connect with them. But management told that there were no opportunities in the back office, however, there was an opening for devotional music segment in the morning and they were looking for a fresh voice." 

There was no looking back after this for a knowledge-thirsty Divyashree, as this opportunity was tailor-made for her. She elaborates, "My mother is a Gammaka singer, a rare form of music only practiced in Karnataka and a very distinct dialect called Halegannda (Old Kannada). The form is basically where two performers sit on the stage, one presents parts of Mahabharata in musical form and the other narrates and explains the context. Due to which I was very well conversant with the epic and it helped to a great degree while hosting the show. The playlist played during the show is created by me, as I am aware of spiritual music."

Apart from devotional music, the show also has Divyashree share her observations, knowledge and experiences about various temples in Karnataka. "I visit some temples; otherwise I connect with the temple authorities to know about the temple. Now, my kin get me some interesting trivia and facts about the temples every time they travel," she adds.

Radio has a very emotional connect with their audiences, and a radio host develops that rapport with their listeners. Divyashree shares, "Recently on Makarsankranti we had run a contest and as a part of the prize, I visited the winners' homes and the love they showered me with was unbelievable. I incorporate my own likes and dislikes during the show and I have mentioned multiple times that I love Gulab Jamun while on air. It was surprising that of the nine homes I visited, eight of them had made Gulab Jamuns for me. It was very touching."

The game belongs to the one who innovates and brings unheard concepts, which is where Divyashree takes the lead. “We have done many concept-oriented segments like for Women's Day; we did a show on women of Mahabharata. Everyone knows only Draupadi and Kunti from Mahabharata, but very few people know that each Pandav had other wives too. Or we also did a segment on common characters between Mahabharata and Ramayan. It was very well received."

Recently, Divyashree has been given the mandate for music management too. "I am happy to contribute this way to BIG FM too."

What a better start to the day than to start with spirituality.