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News |  11 Jan 2018 11:38 |  By Zinal Dedhia

Suresh Raina's wife Priyanka Raina debut's as an RJ

MUMBAI: RED FM popularly known for its campaigns and shows will soon be launching a new show with a famous face. This new person is a champion of human rights and feminism, also the co-founder of Gracia Raina Foundation- a trust that aims at providing mother and child wellness – Priyanka Raina. The show will be called The Priyanka Raina Show and it will air every Saturday, 9 am and Sunday, 2 pm.

However, this is not Priyanka’s first association with RED FM. She was earlier associated with the radio network on ‘The Palna Project’. It was while working on this project that RED FM connected with Gracia Raina Foundation.

“I started working with RED FM on ‘The Palna Project’ where they wanted us to raise some funds and create awareness. They recorded my voice for their on-air promotions. The entire process was very overwhelming and the team is really enthusiastic. After a few months, Nisha (Narayanan) and I met and she kept the proposal of this show,” said Priyanka.

The topics to be discussed on the show include domestic violence, acid attack, girl child education, sexual harassment, gender biased and equality, menstrual hygiene, women of courage, taboos related women (single mom, widow remarriage). Priyanka will also be talking to victims on-air.

“Discussing on such topics is mandatory because people should know what is happening in the society and they should not walk away. We will also have social activist to share their experience,” said Priyanka.

“The objective is to bring more awareness. The listeners should be aware that the daughters and women need to be more secure and taken care. They need to be more open-minded when it comes to women – we are existing in the society,” she added.

The show isn’t just targeting women, through the topics are women-centric. “The target audience is everybody – woman, men and children. Everyone should be aware. I feel along with men, a lot of women to women mindsets too need to change,” explained the wife of famous cricketer Suresh Raina.

Being on the radio for the first time has given Priyanka a memorable experience. She shares her joy about being on the radio, things she went through while recording for the show and challenges faced. “The first thing I had to change was switching to Hindi. At times it is very overwhelming and makes me very emotional when I hear the story of the victims. We keep talking to them even before and after the show. Sometimes it stays on my mind even when I am back home,” shared Priyanka.

Suresh has been very supportive of Priyanka’s decision of being on the radio. “When I told him about the show with RED FM – he too got very excited. He is always curious to know about my show recordings. In fact, one day I told him I needed him to record a song for daughters – he said if it’s for daughters I will do it,” Priyanka added.

Here is the song recorded by Suresh:

Lastly she did not forget to mention the pillar of RED FM, CEO Nisha Narayanan. She has been the only inspiration for Priyanka to be the on radio. “Nisha is my biggest inspiration; she is a very strong lady. She is such an amazing person. It is great to know how she started and her journey today. The way she handles the team, I really admire her,” ended the new RJ.