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News |  04 Jan 2018 18:58 |  By RnMTeam

We want to make music for people who value music more than just background noise: Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator

MUMBAI: Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator, known for mixing electronic, pop, rock and many other genres of music, is currently ruling the festival space. They recently performed at Mahindra Open Sky festival and their next destination will be Vh1 Supersonic 2018. Donn Bhat is undoubtedly getting immense popularity with each passing day, but fame is not the only thing that they are aiming at.

"We just want to make music that can move people emotionally and physically. There are no rules or formulas that we follow. We’ve been lucky to have a fan base that allows us to experiment and grow as artists and that keeps us excited about writing new music and performing," said Connected hitmakers.

Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator like staying connected with their audience and that what matters to them, when at a gig. "I don’t think DJs replacing live bands is the issue. The issue is how few DJs are playing their own music to the crowd. That’s an opportunity as artistes that we are losing by not connecting with an audience at a deeper level."

Bhat further expressed that he personally likes playing for a younger crowd, "I like playing to college crowds or then to an older audience that wouldn’t have heard maybe our kind of music before. It’s a great feeling to connect with that audience."

Furthermore, the band's excited about their Supersonic performance. "We’re playing some new material along with songs from the last album Connected," added Revalators.

They will also perform on two new songs, Revolutions Coming and Feel It Too from their upcoming album.

Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator have managed to make their presence felt in the underground music scene that has emerged with the growth of festivals. We wondered if it was the right PR mechanism or a fantastic manager. To this, they stated, "Well, it’s always about the music first and then any kind of promotion/manager. You can do one gig relying on hype but unless the music translates it can’t lead to anything real."

It's this music that keeps getting them international gigs. And the band enjoys its overseas performances. "I feel our music has worked better abroad sometimes than even in India with certain audiences. We don’t want to make music for the lowest common denominator. There are enough people doing that. We want to make music for people who value music more than just background noise," they emphasised.

Bhat will be working on an International project in April and is in talks for a festival in March. Well, 2018 does seem fruitful for this talented lot.