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News |  15 Nov 2017 20:34 |  By RnMTeam

Karan Johar to play cupid on ISHQ FM

MUMBAI: Karan Johar, the king of chat shows and a successful Hindi Cinema director will now debut as a radio jockey with ISHQ FM. He will be the love guru for the listeners be it breakups, messed up relationships and more. From 4 December, the show called Calling Karan will air five times a week (Monday-Friday), thrice a day, with 8 pm-10 pm being the first airing, and repeats at 10 am-12 noon, 2 pm-4 pm.

Karan who has been the best person for advice in the industry, promises to be a BFF to the listeners. “Giving advises have always been an interesting part of me being a friend or be anything. I have been there with advices all the time. I have done films, television shows, been into fashion, done almost everything I could. I think radio was just one platform that I had to visit. Me being me giving relationship advice for breakups, messed up relations, one-sided love, lust which is the most important thing in the relationship, I am there for all. The best part is to not pretend but actually be one’s BFF. Calling Karan will be your one-stop advice shop for relationships and matters of the heart,” said the producer.

Bringing in an element of his trademark chat shows, the closing segment will feature a rapid-fire round, but with a role-reversal - Karan will respond to quick questions by the listeners. ISHQ FM will also post the show on digital platforms for online consumption, thereby expanding its reach exponentially.

Johar also known for various controversies has to pull up his socks while doing the talk on the radio. “I am different at different platforms if you call me at a radio show that has love lust and relationship I will certainly have that for the show,” he said

He added, “I am so worried that I might land into trouble for so many things on the show because I have a tendency of getting myself into trouble for what I say. Sometimes I just cannot zip my mouth, it used to be with my dietary issues and now it is going to be with my words,” he added.

Speaking about Ishq FM’s newest offering, ISHQ FM national head operations Shivangini Jajoria said, “As a radio station, we are constantly trying to raise the bar for providing engaging content to the listeners. From launching Gaydio – India’s first LGBTQ show on mainstream radio to sending people to Paris on Valentine’s Day to propose on Eiffel Tower, Ishq is trying to redefine the radio landscape. Thrilled with the fantastic response we have received from our listeners so far, we are happy to offer yet another unique show, hosted by Bollywood’s most quintessential romantic filmmaker. Advertisers are always looking for clutter breaking content which generates PR; Calling Karan provides them with one such exciting show to associate with.”