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News |  13 Nov 2017 16:49 |  By RnMTeam

AR Rahman decodes 'The Flying Lotus' for fans

MUMBAI: Demonetisation surely did impact us either in a positive way or did leave us with its misconsequences. While hoards of people went on to social media and other platforms to speak about how demonetization had brought a change, we have AR Rahman who thought about a unique way to express this entire scenario. He named it The Flying Lotus. He collaborated with Seattle Symphony for this track, a 19-minute masterpiece which released on 6 October 2017.

Many questions arose after he musically expressed demonetisation, especially his fans on twitter did tweet him asking about The Flying Lotus. Out of all the questions, he handpicked five of them to which he would respond via series of videos.

In a candid conversational campaign, Rahman for the first time answered a range of questions on The Flying Lotus.

Why did you think of naming it Flying lotus???

The Flying Lotus is intense and full of raw emotions. The music conveys a sense of pain/anguish. Is it so? What was going through your mind

The Flying Lotus ARR! Should Artists react or stay away from reacting to issues around him ? He is affected even if he reacts or does not ?

What excited you to do this piece and how Seattle symphony reacted to your idea. How did all happen??? #TheFlyingLotus

Who suggested the name Demonetisation for a track in #TheFlyingLotus @arrahman and the reason behind it

Check the song here –