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News |  11 Nov 2017 19:04 |  By RnMTeam

The lyrical feelings of the songs are slightly inclined towards Vinash Kaale: Daira Band

MUMBAI: Mumbai based five-piece band exclusively launched its second album Vipreet Budhi exclusively on Apple Music on the 11 November. The band has always shared about freedom, love, nothingness and spread positive vibes. Their song has already started creating a buzz all around the social media.

Drummer Pratik Kulgod says, “There is a small anecdote behind the album. The idea behind this was to make an improve album. The songwriting and recording happen at the studio. There was no pre-preparation involved in the making. We had a thought while we were performing at local cafes in Manali a few months back. Basically, the album is a collection of improvised songs that performed there on stage. It was almost an hour content and that’s how we thought of putting it out as an album.”

The lyrical feelings of the songs are slightly inclined towards Vinash Kaale. He explains it further, “When one is nearing the Dark Age, one thinks unintentionally or negatively. The lyrical theme resonates with this. While the music is of course rock. Since the track was long we made cuts in between to make one song out of it. So, we managed to make 16 songs split into two sides equally. Side A and B have eight songs each."

In terms of achievements, the band has done quite a few gigs. The band Daira has done about 100 shows. In the year 2015 they performed at Hornbill City Tour and again this will be seen them performing there. The band will also be going for a multi-city tour for which the dates are not announced yet. It will travel places- Raipur, Nagpur, Calcutta, Northeast, Hornbill, Delhi and Mumbai.

Pratik exclaims, “It was amazing! We did the entire recording in two hours. Since everything happened in the studio and nothing was pre-thought, those two hours were putting out our honest self. We are also almost ready with another album but since there was a change in the line-up we have kept it on standby.”

Daira was born in May 2014 and it went through a couple of transition in the line-up. Right now it is made of Piyush on vocals, Pratik on drums, Vikal on guitar and Shivam on keys. They are core writing team for the band. The band also plays with session based players. Recently we played with Aswin Lal from Calicut.

Vipreet Buddhi has a unique approach in the sense that it's a live experimental jam that resulted in a full-length album. It covers genres like avant-garde, rock 'n roll, psychedelic rock with hints of blues, jazz and metal occasionally.