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News |  10 Nov 2017 16:11 |  By RnMTeam

Playing the right raga at the right time is very important: Rakesh Chaurasia

MUMBAI: Rakesh Chaurasia, an Indian composer, and flautist who is the disciple of Hariprasad Chaurasia will soon be performing at 'The Longest Indian Classical Music Festival’ which will be held on 11 November 2017.

This festival will feature 17 maestros, across 8 prahars and last 21 hours. “It’s not about the number of hours but it’s quite difficult to get so many senior artistes. Ragas will be performed during the festival which will definitely calm your mind. Playing the right raga at the right time is very important and I will try my best. Also, while performing in front of a larger audience you have to be precise. With applauds and the appreciation of the audience, you get to know how much people have loved your voice. It’s the audience who energises the artiste to perform. We cannot imagine what is going to happen but we always try our best,” says Rakesh.

He finds himself lucky to have taken birth in a family where they already have a maestro, he says, “From the age of four I have been training under Hariprasad Chaurasia (to whom he refers as Babuji). It all started with a family gathering where Babuji (Hariprasad Chaurasia) was present. I told Babuji that I wanted to play the instrument which he was using. Although I did not know the name of the instrument, I started playing with it.”

“People usually play the instruments and try getting the right sound, and it’s usually difficult. When I had started using the flute I had got my sound in just a second. Usually, when I attend workshops, I see people really struggling to get that ‘right sound’ to which I feel lucky that I got it right in the beginning,” adds the flautist.

Narrating his first encounter with the instrument Rakesh says, “Babuji (Hariprasad Chaurasia) thought that I am interested in using a few of the instruments to which he told me that if I wanted to become a musician I would have to begin in the right way. Once I figured out that I want to play the flute only then he started teaching me all the basics. I realized the value of music when I performed in my school, to which everybody loved, appreciated and respected, that was a turning point in my life. This made me realise the importance of music and I took my journey in music seriously."

It was none other than the legend Hariprasad Chaurasia who motivated him to go ahead with music, “It was Babuji who motivated me. I started playing tantra on the stage with him and the way people showered their love and affection, it simply amazed me. The people in the auditorium were getting ‘emotional', and that’s when I realised that ‘music has its power’.”