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News |  02 Nov 2017 16:23 |  By RnMTeam

Certain actors (Aamir Khan) go a bit higher because they are such great human beings: Shaan

MUMBAI: Aamir Khan production’s Secret Superstar turned out to be a big hit this Diwali. Not only the audience but the movie was also loved by the industry, one amongst them was Shaan. 

“It is good to know how people are now going into the bigger canvas in terms of film-making and as an audience. It is always ‘entertainment entertainment entertainment’, which of course has a different audience. Small stories when narrated with warmth and sensitivity can connect with people and Secret Superstar was that kind of a film,” said Shaan.

The Chand Sifarish singer was overwhelmed with the way he was asked to play a cameo in the film. “I did the cameo without even asking any further questions because Aamir I know him as an amazing actor. But after interacting with him I realised he is even a few notches higher than that. Certain actors go a bit higher because they are such great human beings,” said the singer.

It was a personal effort by Aamir to Shaan for the special role. “He (Aamir) could have got a production person to call me for the role but calling himself, following up with me via calls, even after it was done he called. He asked me personally to come and see the premiere too. He also put special thanks in the credits, I never ever expected that he is just terrific,” Shaan added.

Lastly, the singer shared his views about the film. “I think the film is a reflection of what is happening and the new generation is not waiting to get a song for the film or crack a deal with a renowned studio company. They all put up stuff on YouTube, there are amazing YouTube discoveries. YouTube is the biggest music company, the largest music consumption,” ended the Bum Bum Bole singer.