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News |  10 Oct 2017 13:25 |  By RnMTeam

Sourabh Joshi with wife Pinky release 'Banjara'; based on personal experience

MUMBAI: ‘A heart in pain creates the most beautiful melodies’, is something that most musicians quote, and this stands true in most cases including Sourabh Joshi’s.

Joshi, a software engineer from Madhya Pradesh came to Mumbai in search of a job six year ago. He struggled to fit the job profiles of this fast-paced city but failed. He finally found solace in music, but life wasn’t easy even then. He had his share of struggle. He did breakthrough and went on to work with some renowned Bollywood artiste. Now, the sun’s finally shining for this emerging talent with his new single Banjara having released under Strumm Entertainment.

“My second single Banjara meaning a wanderer is based on my personal experience. When I quit my job things were not going as per the plan. In spite of several hardships, the best part of the entire phase was that I did not lose patience and hope. I only kept going on and that is why today, I work with great Bollywood artiste and am able to create an identity of my own,” said Sourabh Joshi, the singer and composer of Banjara.

Joshi created the tune of the song first and this musical space was filled with some beautiful lyrics by his wife Pinky Poonawala. “Sourabh came up with a tune and he knew that the word used will be Banjara. I was then asked to write the lyrics about a wanderer, who is out of fear and restrictions to find himself,” explained Pinky.

With a fusion of Rajasthani folk and a touch of Indie pop music, preparations of the song began in July and it took a month till the final song was equipped. The song was shot on the Mumbai-Nashik highway featuring Sourabh and Pinky.

Check the video below:

The two have an interesting love story to share. While working on the first single Bheege Hum, Pinky was called to pen down the lyrics. “Whenever I am called for writing lyrics I just give them my work and then I am out of the project. But while working on Bheege Hum, I don’t know why but I helped Sourabh with the entire video of the song and was with him until the end. That is how love happened between us,” said Pinky.

The husband-wife duo has plans of creating another single in six months.