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News |  05 Sep 2017 13:24 |  By RnMTeam

Greater music is made by composer lyricist team; Ram Sampath

MUMBAI: When Prashant Ingole sat on the editor’s chair at Radioandmusic, the lyricist did full justice to the seat. As a journalist filed with enthusiasm and curiosity, Ingole interviewed his friend and one of the popular composers from the industry, Ram Sampath.

The two discussed similar issues faced by every lyricist in the industry - that is of having more than one lyricist in an album. Sampath said, “With time the industry also changes. Today, we have to accept the fact that the industry is not controlled by the creatives, but by money power. I don’t see it as a bad thing but as a different thing, a different phase”.

“Also at the same time, I think insecurities are sweeping a lot of Bollywood. The producers are very scared about the weekend phase of their film. I think this has led to the start of multi – lyricist trend,” added Sampath.

Since 2016, the industry has been witnessing remixes and recreations of old melody songs. Sampath, who is amongst the crazy gang of the composers, appreciates original content. “I am not much fond of remixes and the idea of remixing a song. I did a song for Raees and tried enjoying it as much as I could, but it wan't as much fun as working on my originals. I think each generation should have its own style of sound, culture and its own hit songs, rather than having remixes,” said the Jee Le Zara composer.

Sampath strongly believes that Bollywood industry lags behind when it comes to respecting older languages. “I think rewarding technicians start with rewarding creators. Greater music is made by a composer- lyricist team. There is no holding back the fact that it is an amazing team that makes amazing music, history tells it all,” said Sampath.

Lastly, Sampath also shared his views on the changes in the Bollywood film industry and he also pointed out that the industry was giving mediocre films to its audience. “People are asking for different voices in one film, but honestly our films are it as good as they should be. Hollywood and Regional cinema are giving us competition each weekend. What is it with Bollywood? Regional movies are doing amazing work, because they give content in different ways from their own land to the people who believe in that land. I think a lot of things Bollywood needs to learn from Regional films and update its skill sets,” ended the composer.