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News |  08 Aug 2017 20:44 |  By RnMTeam

Major Lazer to keep the Tuborg OPEN collaboration with Badshah basic

MUMBAI: Indian Rap star Badshah has become one of the three artists around the world to collaborate with the global music superstar Major Lazer as a part of the new campaign – Tuborg OPEN. It is a global music platform for collaboration and will see producer coming on a journey to discover music and culture; will also let the music fans to learn new global sounds just the way Major Lazer trio Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire did an original three track series which was revealed across June and July in a phased manner. Earlier Major Lazer has also done massive hits in collaboration with MO’s Lean On and Justin Bieber’s Cold Water and many more. This has made a Tuborg beat as the base of each collaboration and will celebrate the diverse music styles around the world.

Badshah will be the second of the three collaborating artists to be associated with Tuborg OPEN. He has earlier worked with Russian rapper and the hip-hop artist Scriptonite as the first collaboration back in April 2017. The third collaborating artist is Chinese pop mega star, Chris Lee (Li Yuchun).

The thing about the collaboration is that each of them will bring their own sound, lyrics and signature style to the Tuborg beat inspired by their own authentic musical journey. They also shared the glimpse of the creative process behind the scene teasers which was released on 12 June.

Speaking about the collaboration Badshah said, “I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Carlsberg India for the last three years on their Tuborg Zero campaigns. It was the next progressive step to collaborate on a Global Beat that crosses boundaries and reaches the world. I am extremely excited to be working with Major Lazer on the Tuborg Open Project, which is an amazing platform for global and cultural amalgamation of music. I have been a huge fan of Major Lazer for a long time and they have done a phenomenal job in redefining dance music across the globe. This project has given us an opportunity to bring our common forte of making people dance, and bring them together with the Tuborg Beat and I am expecting the result to be fun and exciting.”

Excited that he is collaborating with the world renowned Major Lazer, Badshah added, “They have given me an opportunity to express the main beat sonically as well as vocally which is amazing. There is going to be lot of influence and this not going to be there for namesake. It is actually going to be very organic. They would be expecting some Indian element obviously as I am an Indian and so as an Indian it will be my duty to represent the country and infuse it with the sound of Major Lazer. It will be very universal I think they will be expecting Indian music into Major Lazer sound with my vocals in it.” 

DJ and Producer Walshy Fire who is eagerly waiting to collaborate shared his thoughts on the project saying, “Crafting one single beat to work three ways with distinct sounds was a great creative process for us, this project allows us to broaden our spectrum with places and people that we usually don’t get a chance to work with, as well as have those people come into our world and working with us in our environment. It is what we do and what they do. I naturally want to jell together in that space.”

Also, the American record producer, songwriter, singer and rapper Diplo spoke about the association: “as a producer I’d like a person who is open in spite of creativity; my idea is to change production for each person. It is better to make something very basic because each person will be involved and it will be better not to get complicated. It’s going to be the same back beat for all of the artists to work on, which is very exciting.  Our collaborators are gonna add production, or maybe take it away, but we all agreed the beat we made had to be open to interpretation.  And it’s very open-ended, but it sounds like a Major Lazer song.  We’re just excited to see what people are gonna do with it.”

The making is all about learning for each of them as they all come from different areas of music and culture. Jullionaire who is Tobago native and is DJ cum producer expressed what he feels about the brand new first saying, “When we see the marketing it will be first of its kind as we are first trying to learn something from each other of what they are doing and see how I can incorporate that into the music we are making, join forces and do something bigger. It’s just really about trying to learn something from them, about what they are doing and to see how we can incorporate that into the music that we are making with them. It’s really cultural immersion in its purest form. ”   

Altogether each of them feels that the project is very appealing, organic and corporative and the outcome will be really nice.