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News |  19 Jun 2017 17:57 |  By RnMTeam

Burudu's latest single 'Zardin Zetwal' features Mauritian rapper Myckee

(Image: Artists' Facebook )
(Image: Artists' Facebook)

MUMBAI: Formed in early 2012, 'Burudu' comprising Nakul Sharma and Sahil Bhatia, is an amalgamation of electronic-organic music based out of Mumbai. Burudu’s brand new single 'Zardin Zetwal (Garden Of Stars) featuring Mauritian rapper Myckee was released on 16 June 2017, and we can’t get enough of the voice of a 22-year old Mauritian rapper along with the magnetic tunes.  

The combination of Burudu and Myckee’s musical variations and sensibilities allowed them to grasp the deeper idea of fusion and convolution to create something innovative, yet concealed. The music by Burudu gives the perfect strength of character to the vocals of Myckee to stand out.  

It all began when Nakul and Sahil flew to Nakul's second home, Mauritius, hoping to compose some music while soaking in the rich island. After meeting a series of incredible artists and collaborating on numerous interesting tracks, Burudu was left with a feeling that the final flourish on the musical canvas the island had offered them was missing. From the time the boys met 22-year old Mauritian rapper, Milan aka Myckee, who is heavily involved in the rising hip-hop scene on the island of Mauritius, they shot for 19-hours straight for the video, it was a remarkable journey.

Watch it here:

This song has a simple message about life and isn’t centred around an anti-establishment theme, its agenda isn’t purely political. It is about finding the good in this world, it is about growing as an individual, it is about the power of knowledge. It is about not getting stuck in a system, any system. The single 'Zardin Zetwal (Garden Of Stars)' is backed by an amazing story of how it all came together and how they managed to write the song and shoot a music video in less than a week. In five days they composed, penned down lyrics, recorded takes and frantically shot the video. Finally, they all had created ’Zardin Zetwal'.