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News |  18 May 2017 14:25 |  By Mallika Deb

'The Other Side': A clash of ideas by Avneesh and Karan is the sound of an amazing track

MUMBAI: Avneesh Gadgil, the self-taught music producer/DJ defines his life through sound. His music is experimental and finely blended with electronic music, organic reverberation, and elements of human moods. People who are not aware, Avneesh is also associated with Wizcraft, also, shared the stage with international artists like Above and Beyond at Submerge’s Holi Reloaded 2017. Avneesh, the self-taught guitar, and piano player collaborated with Pune-based multi-instrumentalist and composer, Karan Pandav and released a track ‘The Other Side’ on 14 May 2017. Also, Karan has a band called Jaagar. The Pune-based band's motive is to awaken the spirit, the power that resides within each and everyone, through their music.

Avneesh said that his biggest musical influence has been his grandmother who is a classical singer at the age of 80, also BLOT! and German-based musician Nils Frahm. In a conversation with Avneesh shared the vision on his recently released track ‘The Other Side’, an ambient electronic track, in collaboration with Karan Pandav. Avneesh also released ‘Sweet Sin’ featuring singer-songwriter Kalyaani from his EP ‘Pie in the Sky’, which was much appreciated by the music fraternity.

“When I hear my music, I would say it is contemplative electronic music. I started this project as a home studio project and the collaborations happened really organically without much planning. We connected over emails and most of it happened over the phone. After exchanging demos, we decided to get together and post that I did all the mixing, mastering and all the magic happened. Our sound is organic with experimental electronic music as we wanted to keep it that way,” Avneesh explained.

Listen to the track here:

“When it is about ambient, electronic, Indian fusion or chill-out music, I prefer to bring a distinct flavour and vibe with them. When we started with the early version of the song ‘The Other Side’, it was all about the different side of humans which is hidden and less talked about. Everyone has a different state of mind and emotion which are unexplored and untouched. That was the feel of the song, while I was creating the artwork as well,” added Avneesh.

The resonance of both the tracks will pass on some intense sensitivity through your mind and soul. The highlight of Avneesh’s sound is to merge organic sounds with innovative electronic music and with synchronized visuals. Karan’s vocals in ‘The Other Side’, will make you think that, yes, his voice is my favourite sound! On the other hand, Kalyaani’s voice in the track ‘Sweet Sin’ is a sound of earth turning, we believe. Somewhere along the process, Avneesh’s stylistic elements and the vibe were enough to create a dreamy ambience in both the tracks. The clash of ideas is the sound of some amazing tracks it seems!

Listen to the track ‘Sweet Sin’