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News |  13 May 2017 16:55 |  By RnMTeam

Bieber's OMG moments during his Mumbai concert

MUMBAI: The Justin Bieber Purpose India Tour, one of the most hyped concerts in India turned out to be a huge disappointment for many, but the 23-year-old kept the entertainment quotient high by doing things that kept fans heartbeats racing.

We at get you top OMG moments from his whistle stop India visit. Take a look.

The towel dance: We have seen our very own Indian superstars Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor dance with the towel to Bollywood tracks, but we never thought that Bieber would perform with a towel.

It was hot and humid in Mumbai on 10 May and the star of the night couldn’t help but sweat - courtesy the strong lights and the thousands of jumping bodies in the audience. We did not expect him to do the Ranbir towel trick, but he kept his fans hoping and wondering if he might as he performed with a purple coloured towel for a long time. For the uninformed, purple was the theme colour of the concert.

Well, we also speculated whether he would toss the cloth to the audience so that they could get a strong sniff of that Bieber sweat. But sadly for many, he disappointed everyone by keeping it to himself.

Getting rid of the gum: Bieber kept his jaws going throughout the concert. No, he was not just lip syncing while crooning his songs. In between, he popped some bubble or chewing gum into his mouth and kept his mandibles going- almost non-stop - like a true Canadian kid. What was ewwww, however, was when he spat it out during his virtuoso attempt on the guitar.  Looks like Bieber was not and is not aware of Modi’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.' Bieber had not dared try this in Singapore; the consequences could be severe.

Monkeying around: An international star with high-end demands. Now, this just creates a notion of him being super classy. But, that aside, when the Mumbai humidity hit Beiber he got all itchy. The singer couldn’t help but use his hands and nails to get rid of the itch.  All over his body. And then his hand went to that unmentionable spot on stage in front of the entire audience. Yes, that was some ball handling.

Achoo: Yes, there was also an 'Achoo' moment. Something in the Indian air was bothering the Canadian singer's nostrils and he erupted in an aachhhhhooooo.  But even this was lapped up by Beliebers as they found it cute and natural.

The vanishing act: The singer walked on stage sharp at 8:15 pm and walked out at 9:45 pm, but there was a short span when he wasn't there.  One felt he was probably changing into something more happening, than his shorts-jersey attire. However, he walked back in the same clothes. Maybe he just wanted to use the washroom. The dancers did fill in for him in those 10 minutes.

Remembering Selena Gomez: The World knows the Bieber-Gomez love story, which ended sadly for both, but they did make the headlines when together. And the star couldn’t help but mention her indirectly as he stared at the full moon. The singer-performer looked at the moon and said, “What a beautiful moon” and then went on to question, “Is it a full moon today?”

If you’re wondering how this is connected to Selena, let us explain. Selena means the goddess of the moon. Now, the ones who did get what Bieber meant at the concert went aahahhh! ooooooh!  for him as he sang ‘Baby’.

The scarf of love: Bieber went on to throw the scarf he was wearing around his neck to the crowd that was ready to kill for it. We are sure the luckiest of them claimed it. This was also a moment when everyone else regretted not being in the diamond zone of the stadium. Those Rs 75,000 were definitely worth it.

Some unstringing: This was the moment of the day. We all know that Bieber likes getting undressed. So when his hand went down to his boxer shorts string, the crowd did go berserk. Everyone thought we could get to see him as he used to look as a baby, bare stark naked. But fans were in for a disappointment:  Bieber reached down to and simply untie and tie the boxer shorts string.