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News |  24 Apr 2017 19:13 |  By RnMTeam

I do not like the songs of today's generation: Alka Yagnik

MUMBAI: The singers who ruled the music industry during the 80s and 90s have suddenly vanished from the music scene. But, there are a few who keep making their presence felt with their live events and a few songs, on and off. One amongst them is Alka Yagnik.

The veteran singer, who ruled Bollywood music industry for 30 years, has been staying away from Bollywood. Talking about the reason for the same she stated, “I do not like the songs of today's generation. The current song lyrics are so ‘Chichora’ that I do not feel like taking up any work. I have walked out from studios without singing the songs because the lyrics were not my type. After giving hits to the industry if I start accepting such work, people will wonder what I am up to.”

She further added, “I am always there for the industry if there are any good songs. Just like I lastly sang for the movie ‘Tamasha’ and I am happy that it received a great response.”

“When a singer becomes a legend they become precious, also the composers and directors will never approach a legend for any ordinary songs. So when you are a legend, you have little work to accept as you have to live up to your reputation,” said film director and owner of Whistling Woods International, Subhash Ghai, praising Yagnik.

Alka has sung around 2486 songs for the industry and has been enjoyed fame from the very beginning of her career, but a fact that fewer people know about her is that she does not like addressing the media anymore. “I am a very reserved and shy person. I am in this industry only for my work. Addressing the media, interviews, no more interest me. If possible I would run away as soon as I locate a camera. People tell me I should keep giving interviews but I just don’t like them anymore, I feel I have given enough interviews during my time,” said Yagnik.

It is also observed that Alka is not a socially active person. She does not have a Twitter or Facebook account and she prefers it that way as she does not like giving people minute by minute updates.

After a period of successful playback singing, Alka is now accepting opportunities she refused before. We are talking about ‘stage performances’. “I never accepted stage shows earlier, now I have started giving them a try. I understand performing on stage is just so magnificent. It is great to see how people are going crazy in front of you, dancing on your songs. It is at this time that you actually realise how much people love your songs,” said ‘Pardesi Pardesi’ singer.

Yagnik will soon be going for a US tour.