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News |  20 Apr 2017 15:36 |  By RnMTeam

Everyone was following a template created by Honey Singh and Badshah: Brodha V on Rap

MUMBAI: When we think of rap, we think of a Yo Yo Honey Singh or a Badshah, but there is someone who wants to change this thought process. Well, independent artiste, Brodha V wants India to connect with some real rap and not superficial, as he puts it. In an attempt to bring the country closer to rap Broadha V released a hard-hitting rap song, ‘Let Em Talk’.

“After my previous single, I wanted to figure out what I really wanted to do. This is when I realised that the rap scene in India is all about commercial hip-hop songs. People were sounding so generic, everyone was following a template created by Honey Singh and Badshah,” explained the rapper.

To get rid of this commercial sounding hip-hop, Brodha V created ‘Let Em Talk’, a not so, mainstream commercial rap song, but some real rap.

Check the track here -

The track has managed to get only two lakh views in two weeks, but the artiste is happy to have achieved that. “Most of these artistes that make more than a million views on YouTube are signed by labels. These labels already have a million subscribers on their channel. I have got a small number, but my song must have been good for people to have viewed it. The likes that I have on YouTube are genuine likes,” pointed out Brodha V.

The rapper has a different style of making songs. He usually adds some folk element in his tracks and that happens to be a part of his recent release. “I like creating a different sound by bringing in the folk element. I also happen to be a sound engineer, so, I do the sound and mixing too,” added the artiste.

Brodha V may have taken Badshah’s name openly in his song, but there is no bad blood between them. “I know Badshah and he is a very nice person. But, the line in my rap song is of him being a representative of rap in India. So, I am just saying that there is another rapper in town and that is just being competitive,” explained the rapper.

The singer is currently touring India, but he has lot more videos in the pipeline. So, there will be more hard-hitting rap coming in soon.