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News |  07 Apr 2017 20:28 |  By RnMTeam

Bollywood music experts share benefits of 'music' on 'World Health Day'

MUMBAI: Experts say music has the power to cure every problem. Like rightly quoted by Leonard Bernstein – "Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable".

Thus, on this World Health Day, contacted a few Bollywood music experts to know more about the benefits of, Music – The medicine of the mind.

Kailash Kher - Music has the power to touch people’s life. It is a virtual medicine to heal all health and mental illness. We have received compliments from our fans like 'Kailasha' has helped them to come out of depression, sorrows and heal health issues. This is the biggest compliment one can ever get.

Rekha Bharadwaj - Music has a healing power, thus we see more and more musical therapies going on. In general, music can take you into a trance, especially Hindustani classical music. It helps us connecting to silence and the best part is music has no language. People are found meditating with music because it can affix us to an unknown world which is not materialised.”

Jubin Nautiyal - Music has the competence to inspire, motivate, control emotions and creates magic. I firmly believe that if you sow a seed besides music, it will grow into a tree. Music has made me, whatever I am it is because of music because I have been following music so religiously.

Ehsaan Noori - I believe music disconnects you from everything. It is like a meditation, once you into music you forget else. I have personally experienced this, whenever I feel low, I pick up my instrument and bounce back.