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News |  30 Mar 2017 13:22 |  By RnMTeam

Beat the heat with these tracks

MUMBAI: Wassup folks? Summer has officially set in and this is one time of the year that reminds us that global warming has come out of the EVS textbooks to haunt us.

But there is nothing that a song cannot fix. So here we are with ten songs that will remind you summer is here.

For all the pretty ladies.

I really do not want to know where it comes from. Just stop coming.

Please somebody!!

I do not want to get tanned.

Aana toh padega chaao mei. Like there’s a choice.

This is the best time of the day now.

Evening jam for the next two months.

Obviously it calls for a celebration.

An evening jam for people above 60.

Probably they are the only ones happy about the sun.