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News |  23 Mar 2017 15:26 |  By RnMTeam

I want to win a Grammy for my country: Pawni Pandey

MUMBAI: The voice behind the 2017 hit ‘Laila Main Laila’ from ‘Raees’, Pawni Pandey has high goals when it comes to her singing career. The singer with a sensuous voice wants to take her music to international level.

“My career goal has been very clear from the very beginning. For the very day I began singing, I knew I wanted to take it to the international platform and win a Grammy,” confessed Pandey.

‘Laila Main Laila’ has been a great start for Pandey but she is surely not going to settle at this. She is looking at creating a catalogue of music that will be remembered for decades to come. “I am happy with the fame I am receiving but this is not my plan. I still have to work hard, learn more and work with many music directors in the industry.”

'The Meet Me Daily Baby' hitmaker has also lent her voice to ‘Sahiba’ from the upcoming release ‘Phillauri’. ‘Sahiba’ is a song towards a softer tone, completely opposite of ‘Laila Main Laila’. Pandey looks at this track as an opportunity to showcase her versatility as a singer.

“After two months of ‘Laila Main Laila’, I received an opportunity to sing ‘Sahiba’. It was a big deal because an artiste who can sing in two tones are few. I am lucky to be one of them,” stated Pandey.

Pandey who began her musical training at 11 is a trained classical singer. She also holds high respect for classical music as she averred, “Classical music is the backbone of music and a mother of all arts which will never be lost. It is an honourable art and will never take a backseat. There is the new generation of classical musicians too and they will surely never let it vanish.”

However, the singer personal is more inclined towards Bollywood music. “I always knew the importance of a trained musical singer but my desire has been to sing for films and be a rock star. So here I am,” she stated.

The adorable singer also has a track in June release ‘Anarkali Arrahwali’. This is again different from her previous hits and she will be singing three songs in the film. One of it is a climax song of eight minutes but the track holds an important place in the film.

Talking about collaborations with the international artiste, Pandey says that the ideas excites her and she has a long list of international artistes that she wishes to collaborate with.

We wish Pandey all the success.