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News |  14 Mar 2017 20:40 |  By RnMTeam

Top ten Hindi pop tracks from the 90s

MUMBAI: Remember the time when Cadbury dairy milk did not have that extra golden wrapper inside or the ever so cute Priety Zinta would pose for a Perk advertisement? And,
how Coca Cola had the best jingle ever? Oh oh the Amul ads? Such innocent and feel good methods of marketing they had. All everybody ever wanted to do back then was have a good time and make sure everyone esle around also felt the same. Quality was always on top of the list, be it anything and consumers were valued! Hell even the sky was a different kind of blue back then. Yes we are talking about the 90’s!

The last of the good times when there was a constant natural effort towards manufacturing quality products. By products we just don’t mean Perk or Fatafat (Damn those were tasty), we also mean books, movies and of course music!

It is actually kind of surprising right now given the fact that the best of indipop music was in the 90s. People actually would come up with original albums and put their music out there. Even people like KK, Adnan Sami, Sonu Nigam had started off by releasing their albums! In fact singing sensation Lucky Ali found his place in Bollywood owing to his independent music which shall always be his best phase. Even Bollywood had great music.

But that is ALL in the past now. Like they say good times don’t last long but fortunately with technology, a boon and a curse at the same time, has preserved the music from the good times and has had always managed to increase the nostalgia quotient everytime we fish into the ‘classics’ folder of our brain or our playlists.

We at Radioandmusic today have decided to present to you the top ten songs from the 90’s as the list of our day because we have been injected with some heavy throwback dose!

These songs are sure to get your heads tilted to a side while you reminisce over the good ol’ days! What on earth happened to the music industry in a span of fifteen years is all we want to ask.

However here’s the list.

(We didn’t want to demean any of these classics by ranking them so it’s just a simple list of wonderful songs)

DISCLAIMER: Songs might cause eyes to get wet and ignite an unsatiable desire to build a time machine.

1. This is how love was like before Facebook. Beautiful, innocent and passionate. The late Ustad Sultan Khan will forever live through this song. K.S Chithra along with the late Ustad lent their voices to create the love song of this millenium. ‘Piya Basanti Re’

2. These guys were a one-hit wonder but that one-hit will live as long as there are passionate musicians who want to make a mark independent of Bollywood. “Mil toh jaye thoda paisa”, the catchline of the song, was very relatable for all the struggling musicians back then. The feel good nature , the bouncy touch of the song and the satairical lyrics had made it an instant hit. Damn we miss these guys. ‘Paisa’ by Agosh.

3. We can’t help but think how songs like the next one on the list made such a commercial impact. It is surprising because this very same song would have been buried under a pile of EDM trash on Youtube and would have disappeared from the radar in no time. The ever so musical Fuzon led by Shafqat Amanat Ali created this track ‘Khamaj’ also known as ‘Mora saiyaan moh se bole na.’

4. Some songs last a decade and some last a few weeks. This one will last as long as pop music lives in India. ‘Dewaana’, the title track for Sonu Nigam’s first ever album. Pure love!

5. As we move further on into the list, the realisation just dawned on us that some of these songs are over twenty years old and they still make us feel the way the would right from the moment we heard them. Will songs now have this kind of longevity? We wonder while we listen to ‘Aap Ki Dua’ by K.K.

6. This was a staple for any local rock concert back then. Sayonee by Junoon!\

7. Aah what do we say about this one? Some songs sing themselves. ‘O Sanam’ by Lucky Ali

8. If you were ever in a band or had a friend in a band, we can bet a fortune you have headbanged to this!

9. Yet another K.K on our list.

10. Oh my my. The music, the lyrics, the feel and of course the empress herself!