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News |  14 Feb 2017 16:03 |  By RnMTeam

Say it with a song this Valentine's Day

MUMBAI: Falling in love is undeniably one of the best feelings in life and the good news is it’s an ageless emotion. In fact a teen probably would not comprehend the depths of this emotion like a man who's loved and lost.

Whatever it might be, there’s nothing wrong in celebrating a little bit of innocence and affection and especially when you have a day to exclusively express your love to someone. That’s right people V-day is here and for all of those struck by cupid’s arrow; this article might just give you a tip or two on how you could profess your love the old-fashioned way, with a song.

If you're in the mood to spend some intimate, personal time with your valentine like taking a drive through Marine Drive or maybe sitting at one of the unassuming coffee shops in Bandra, you could probably sing to your date if you think you’d do better than a frog but you know trying to sing is ‘cute’ and your sweet quotient is definitely going to rocket up. Mark our words on that.

So thought of putting up a list of top five romantic songs of all time that do not need you to be a singer to sing them because they sing themselves. Yes! The very mention of these songs can get your date blushing.

But here’s the thing, you need to know your date’s taste in music in order for this to work. If you’re a typical South Bombay couple, I would suggest you to hit a club. Like you had other plans in mind. Anyway if your squeeze is an old soul still high on ‘Saturday night fever’ you should definitely try ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ by the Bee Gees or maybe an all time Elvis Presley classic ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love.’ It always works like magic.

So that was number five. Now if bae is big on sudh desi romance then number four is your go to song. Just utter the name of the song and half the battle is won there. ‘Lag Ja Gale’ by the evergreen Lata Mangeshkar has an imprint of this Indian classical goddess on itself and even reciting this song like a poem guarantees to you drooling women.

Number three is yet again another all time Bollywood classic, ‘Pehla Nasha.’ I mean don’t tell me if your date suddenly takes out a rose and sings this for you, you won’t be flattered. Call it cheesy but you’d love it anyway. The little tingling feeling in your heart when you hear this song is just the perfect ingredient for this special evening.

Like I mentioned before, it’s kind of important to know your date’s taste otherwise it might just not make that impact if you know what we are saying. So we added a little diversity to the list to give you more options to choose from. Radio and music cares you see.

So at number three we have ‘Heaven’ by Bryan Adams. Aah this one is special. It’s unlikely for bae to not know this song if she’s big on classics from the west but nonetheless this song just doesn’t need to be known in order for somebody to be completely swept off their feet. Just get the lyrics right. Musical proposal tip 101.

At number two we have Arijit Singh’s ‘Tum Hi Ho.’ Remember the time when the song came out? People literally got married to this song. When this song hit the market, it was the one-stop remedy for all single men. It got them to become hot property in the market, imagine what you could do to your date with it.

And at number one we have an all time classic by Hariharan, ‘Tu Hi Re.’ Need we say more? This song was composed and sung with so much love that it really doesn’t need you to hit the right notes as long as you’re hitting it with your heart.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there with these anthems and spread some love. Make Cupid proud!!