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News |  11 Feb 2017 14:23 |  By RnMTeam

A sneak peek into the electro world with DJ Sartek

MUMBAI: From Miami to Mumbai this young disc turner has been getting hips to shake with his electrifying energy and infectious beats that can make an 80 year old want to move his body. had the opportunity to share a little chat with the ‘Back to the Future’ hitmaker on his journey from Delhi to Hardwell’s live sets.

It takes something special to stand out in a crowd and to stand out in an industry where there are tons of talented producers; it’s quite a rollercoaster ride. So what got this young lad soaring to the top right at the beginning of his career? Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth itself, “The only way I try to stand out from the other producers in the scene is to produce music which sounds different from the generic stuff being released these days. The whole approach to getting noticed is to put out stuff which is not already there in the market at the same time being unique to your style so listeners can relate to it. I wouldn't say any one is the biggest or upcoming as it’s all about the music and delivering hits at the right time which leads to inspiring others.”

The 27-year-old club rocker is the only Indian to have been released on Hardwell’s label. The globally celebrated DJ is an ardent supporter of Sartek’s work. “It was indeed a dream come true moment to sign a track on world’s biggest dance music producer record label. I was lucky enough when Hardwell somehow managed to reach my soundcloud profile and downloaded a track called ‘Backed Up’, which I gave away as a free download. He liked the track so much that was constantly playing it in his live sets and podcasts. I was always a big fan of his record label Revealed Recordings and always wanted to a track on it. I started making something which he would like to release/play and my track ‘Don’t Need Love’ got picked up by him. It’s been an honor to work with him as he’s a complete professional when it comes to picking music for his label thus making me improve my quality every time I sit down to produce” said the promising producer.

As electronic dance music is a genre that is gradually cementing itself as the most popular genre of our generation, it is of no surprise that Bollywood is making the most of its commercial potential. This is a very lucrative opportunity for young producers like Sartek, who’s more than willing to scratch some discs for B-town. Although he says his “creative juices are more electronic in nature” but he is open to new inspirations. Apart from his studio escapades, Sartek is a very passionate performer and playing live has always been his first love. “It’s been three years now but opening for Hardwell in Delhi last year at JLN Stadium was the highlight of the year. Also not to mention my gig at Mood Indigo (IIT Mumbai) will also go down in the books for a long time!”

All of this nerve-wrecking success did not get to Sartek rather it pushed him to work harder and come up with fresh stuff for his audience. His latest single ‘Jump Right After You’ was released on 10 February and the young producer describes it as “a kind of style which is totally new as I've always been working on EDM tracks which were hard and dance floor friendly but JRAY is a pop track with a happy feel to it as it is a perfect all day track. I couldn't believe myself that I was so versatile in producing different genres of music. The international market has made a large shift from Beatport downloads to Spotify plays and hence I feel this track perfectly fits the all day vibe and would get a lot of streams from all over the world. Well, I don’t think it can be the next Back To The Future, it will be way-way bigger than that as it’s my first ever release on Sony Music.”

The electronic guru has a packed schedule in 2017 with plans of touring Asia and a single which is set to release in collaboration with who he calls a “legendary DJ” later on in this year.

Check out his latest single, ‘Jump Right After You’ here: