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News |  30 Dec 2016 19:09 |  By RnMTeam

George Michael wanted to adopt a child

MUMBAI: Late singer George Michael wanted to adopt a child and have a "perfect family".

To start a family was on his to-do list for the coming year, says a source, who added that following his health scares, Michael made starting a family with partner Fadi Fawaz his main priority.

He was desperate to follow in the footsteps of his friend and singer Elton John, who has sons Elijah and Zachary with partner David Furnish through a surrogate.

An insider told "George's dream was to be a father. He wanted to adopt or use a surrogate. It was his big aim, supported by Elton and David all the way. When Elton took the step, he (George) knew he too had at last moved into that part of his life."

"To not have his own family, he felt incomplete. It was a missing link he craved. George always wanted to be a father, he wished his mother were alive to see the day," the source added.

"To start a family was on his to-do list for 2017."

But the star died on Christmas Day at the age of 53.

He reportedly told close friends that his Greek heritage meant he always wanted to be a father and have a big family.

But Michael did not want to be a "chequebook dad".

"He felt his career made him too selfish to be committed to being a parent," the source revealed.

"He had seen other 'showbiz' kids becoming chequebook babies and wouldn't have exposed his children to that world."

(Source: IANS)