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News |  21 Dec 2016 20:47 |  By Mallika Deb

Anish Sood readies album for launch

MUMBAI: Anish Sood, who has grown to be one of the most breakthrough artists in the Indian dance music scene, is en route for a brand new album.

Yes, you heard that right. Anish, who has collaborated with LA-based singer-songwriter, Charlie Sputnik for his upcoming single ‘Don’t Stop’, will be releasing a brand new album by May 2017.

Talking about it, Anish shared, “There will be eight or nine tracks and each track will be different. There will be EDM numbers, two hip-hop numbers, and a few instrumental tracks as well.”

“The upcoming single ‘Don’t Stop’ will be a part of his album and I hope to release it by May 2017," added Sood. The album will be released on Anish’s new label 'Class Action'.

For the uninitiated, Anish is a self-taught musician and he never had any formal training.

In a straight from the shoulder conversation with, Anish shared bits and pieces of his early days, his journey, and thoughts towards electronic music scene, and much more.

"Though I have had basic piano and guitar lessons, I never wanted to be a musician. However, I was always inclined towards music as I used to hear a lot of things and I was in the habit of collecting melodies from all over the world. Producing music started as a hobby back in college and in the third year of college I started doing shows.”

A bachelor's degree holder in Mechanical Engineering from Goa Engineering College, Anish said his parents were very apprehensive about him taking up music as a career.

“I remember I used to bunk classes for shows, which were out of Goa on Fridays and come back by Sunday. My parents thought that I will not make the grade in my final exams but I did in some way!” declared he.

Anish shared, he played at the first time in 2007 at a place called ‘Lava Lounge’ that was very close to his place in Dabolim, Goa. “The owner of the place was my friend and she wanted me to play there and handle some management things as well. I was happy, also I was booking some artists for them at the same time,” he said.

Talking about his music influences, he shared ‘Radiohead’ has been his favourite, also ‘Disclosure’, ‘Alan Fitzpatrick’, ‘Snake’, ‘Bicep’ and ‘Gorgon City’ are in his playlist currently.

When we asked him if he had to switch his technique to a new genre, Anish said it would be definitely ‘Tech-House’ and ‘Deep-House’. “I guess I am slowly shifting there,” he smiles.

While talking about recent electronic dance music outlook of India and hard truth of current music industry he shared, “Unless the music producer is a huge name or associated with some renowned label, touring is the only source of income for most of the music producers. Nobody buys music these days, as everything is accessible on the internet. Even if we put out tracks on music streaming services, say iTunes, Saavn or Apple music, we barely get money for that. For example, Apple music pays five dollars for 1000 streaming.”

While talking about Bollywood mainstream music Anish said that he can’t compare Bollywood with his music. “I am not aiming mass of the population and I am aware of my demographic audience.

Anish, who is pushing the electronic dance music scene for quite some time now, shared his thoughts on the approach of sound. He believes that people are growing their musical understanding, as it is easy for people to discover 100 different musicians just by a click on the web.

Lastly, before signing off, Anish shared some secrets with us as well. Did you know that Anish is also a very talented photographer who is fascinated about portraits? He is into self-portraits as well. Also, he likes cooking and he considers himself as a foodie who eats ‘everything’. There is more! He used to be a national label table tennis player in school and college. Last, but not the least, he is also running a family business that involves construction and building materials.

Anish will be playing​ ​at ​Mood Indigo on 25 December,​ at Sunburn 10 on 31 December 2016; also, he will be flying to Goa just after Sunburn for another gig ‘Project Countdown’ at Ceu Mar, Candolim, Goa.