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News |  30 Nov 2016 19:26 |  By Mallika Deb

Bandish Projekt to launch new EP with Swadesi squad's MC Mawali, MC Tod Fod

MUMBAI: Bandish Projekt, now fronted singly by composer and multi-instrumentalist Mayur Narvekar has joined forces with Swadesi crew MC Mawali (Marathi/Hindi Emcee) and Tod Fod (Gujrati/Hindi Emcee) released a new EP on 21 November 2016 on digital platforms. The EP will be launched in Mumbai in mid-December on Bheja Fry Records.

Bandish Projekt was formed in 1998 by Mayur Narvekar, Udyan Sagar, and Mehirr Nath Choppra. Udyan, now better known by his stage monicker Nucleya, split from the group in 2007. Choppra chose to move to Dubai as a media entrepereneur, where he operates radio stations and supports Bandish Projekt and Bheja Fry Records as a mentor.

About his brand new EP, the sole member of Bandish Projekt, Mayur Narvekar said, ôThis is the first time I have done something like this. Blending folk, Carnatic music with Hindi rap was not hassle-free. When I met MC Mawali and MC Tod Fod who are key members of Swadesi, I was enthralled after I heard them. They are not just rapping; they are doing something with rap and hip-hop. I have been listening to hip-hop, drum and bass for quite some time now and over time, the sound has changed so much. The rise of hip-hop music in India made me believe that my version of todayÆs hip-hop should be unusual. We are planning to launch this EP around mid-December this year.ö

ôI wanted to give that sound which has an Indian touch. Electronica, drum and bass in conjunction with a combination of Konnakol, Rap, folk, vocal percussion and more,ö added Narvekar.

The brand new EP (Extended Playlist) æKatal KalaaÆ was released digitally on Bheja Fry Records. Composed and produced by Narvekar, the lyrics are penned by Aklesh Sutar and Dharmesh Parmar. This EP, featuring five tracks, was created over the last 12 months with different subjects covering elements of street life in Mumbai; the music video for æKar NatakÆ has been filmed in the heart of a labour camp in the heart of Dharavi Mumbai. æDaklaÆ is a recreation celebrating the Hindu festival of Navaratri with Gujarati Rap from MC Tod Fod.

Talking about it, the Marathi/Hindi Rapper from Mumbai, MC Mawali representing Swadesi said, ôIt was indeed a great experience, as I have never done something like this before. Mayur had his doubts initially before the collaboration and I had to work hard on my rhythms in those tracks. The level of rap and hip-hop has totally changed and I am glad that rap scene in Mumbai is evolving.ö

Here are the tracks:

À æKar NatakÆ featuring MC Mawali and MC Tod Fod (Swadesi)

À æDaklaÆ featuring MC Tod Fod and Aishwarya Joshi

À æEk Se AanthÆ featuring MC Tod Fod

À æMaqsadÆ featuring MC Mawali, MC Tod Fod and Mayur Narvekar

À æMumbai AamchiÆ featuring MC Mawali

Kar Natak Feat MC Mawali and MC TodFod

The name æKar NatakÆ shows how people fake and show a different picture to the world, also it has too much of the truth about the worldly affairs. It has æKonnakolÆ, the art of performing percussion syllables vocally in Carnatic music which has a combination of Konnakol and Rap.

æDaklaÆ featuring MC Tod Fod and Aishwarya Joshi:

This track is the subsequent rendition of æGondhalÆ with a heavier dose. æDaklaÆ is the purest form of Gujarati folk music and this track is the first collaboration of Gujarati rap and Dakla.

æEk Se AanthÆ featuring MC Tod Fod

Translated one to eight is the latest India streets of æIndia GrimeÆ. This song portrays the real life and the reel picture that is shown to the world.

 æMumbai AamchiÆ featuring MC Mawali

æMumbai AamchiÆ shows the harsh reality of the people living in this city and their immense love for it. Street life through MC Mawali's vision and his day to day experience are what this track showcases. The sick beats, the Hindi recites in between along with Hindi Rap make this track distinct.

æMaQsadÆ featuring MC Mawali, MC Tod Fod and Mayur Narvekar

æMaQsadÆ stands for aim. This song features experimental music including Indian classical, Vedic style beats, vocal percussion and Hindi Rap.

ôI have been working hard for this and collaborating with Swadesi we have been working on a live act including live Rapping, Tabla beats and vocal beat box as well. My aim is to create only one of its kind sounds which people havenÆt heard before,ö Mayur signs off.

Coming from a musical background, MC Mawali has worked with Viveick Rajagopalan on a song called æAumÆ, which was aired at æMusic Mojo Season 4Æ on Kappa TV. Viveick is a musician and composer, straddling both worlds with equal ease. Trained under the Carnatic tradition on the majestic percussive instruments mridangam and kanjira, Viveick is famous for using his classical roots to compose music that moves between many styles.

ôViveick Rajagopalan has been a mentor, also I am learning a lot of things including classical and rhythm from him at the moment,ö added æMumbai AamchiÆ rapper Mawali.

Check out æDaklaÆ featuring MC Tod Fod and Aishwarya Joshi, one of the tracks from the EP: