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News |  20 Oct 2016 19:44 |  By RnMTeam

Sofia Ashraf's satirical take on 'good news'

MUMBAI: Rapper Sofia Ashraf has come up with a video titled ‘Any Good News’, a satire on most mothers' euphemism for "Are you pregnant?"

The video will release on Thursday on digital media company Culture Machine's channel Blush.

‘Any Good News’ is a song conversation between Sofia and her mother where her mother keeps questioning her if she has any "good news".

Initially, Sofia talks about little things that are going right in her day -- such as good hair and no acne. She continues by talking about her promotion at work and her high SAT scores. Her mother is still not impressed.

Sofia said in a statement: "'Any Good News' is a question that plagues any married woman's life. It's sad that no matter what we achieve, we are considered to have purpose only when we 'pop one out'."

"I'm hoping moms and daughters can sit and have a laugh about this silly conundrum and realise how ridiculous this mindset is. My mom and I did. She loved the video."

(Source: IANS)