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News |  08 Oct 2016 15:52 |  By RnMTeam

Neha Bhasin gets dolled up for 'Laung Gawacha'

MUMBAI: Neha Bhasin likes the smell of the soil, but she also likes the fresh breeze that brings the essence of the continents. This is exactly why the singer’s independent works usually see a blend of both.

Thus, staying true to her unique style of merging folk music with western look Bhasin released yet another single in ‘Laung Gawacha’.

This Punjabi folk song has been around for a while but, the 'Jag Ghoomeya' singer has tried to give it a different look and feel. Thus the song video starts with a doll in a snow globe, a concept that continues throughout the song. The doll is none other than Bhasin. This is also why one would only see the songstress moving her hands in the video, without any other body moment.

On merging traditional with western Bhasin states, “I am like that and I believe most of us today are a blend of the traditional and the western world. Though these songs emerged from villages we don’t live there anymore. Thus, I try portraying it the way we are today. In fact, for years I have laughed on the way Bollywood has portrayed women in movies. Though, things are changing now.”

On the idea of merging ‘Laung Gawacha’ with a snow globe concept, she avers, “My director Piyush Rajhani is a mad person. He keeps trying new things and this was one of those. The idea meant me turning like a doll in the snow globe for real while, shooting and I was really worried about it. But, it went well (smiles).”

Given the budget limitations Bhasin and her crew opted to shoot in music composer Vanraj Bhatia's house. The composer has a house that gives a very Victorian feel, something that the song needed. Therefore, the entire video was shot there.

Lastly, to get the look right Bhasin went shopping to Japan. “I am a Japanese and Victorian fan. So, I shopped for some feminine edgy attire for the single from Japan and then my stylist put it together.”

Check the song here:

Keep up the good work Bhasin!