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News |  06 Jun 2016 13:42 |  By RnMTeam

Quentin Tarantino's film music supervisor Mary Ramos wants to work with AR Rahman

CANNES: She's got 118 music credits on Hollywood movies and TV series. But Mary Ramos who has been the music supervisor on most of Hollywood helmer Quentin Tarantino's movies right from 'Pulp Fiction' to 'Kill Bill' to 'Django Unchained' to 'Inglorious Bastards' to 'The Hateful Eight' confessed today at industry's annual confab Midem that she would love to work with A R Rahman.

"He is a genius," she stated, when asked whether she saw potential in the use of Asian music in Hollywood cinema and whether she would like to work in Asian cinema. “I just love his work. And yes, it would be great to collaborate with him."

According to her “Bollywood music is very happy. It’s got those lovely sounds, those beats, the song and dance,” she stated.

But she added that she would choose to use Bollywood music only where it naturally fitted in in a scene. “It could be playing in the background in a scene which has the right environment,” she revealed. “Naturally and easily.”

During the course of her interview at Midem, Ramos rued the abysmal budgets that are sometimes kept aside by producers for the music of a film. “Music can make or break a film,” she asserted. “And yet some film makers keep aside paltry sums, say a budget of 500 dollars, or even two dollars. That simply does not cut it."

Be that is it may, we at wonder whether Rahman will help realise this very passionate award-winning music supervisor’s dream?