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News |  22 Jan 2016 15:19 |  By RnMTeam

'A Band Of Boys' returns with minor changes and major promises

MUMBAI: After establishing an unparalleled impact on the music scene in the 2000s, Indian popular boyband ‘A Band Of Boys’ has announced a reunion. The band, known for its hits ‘Aa Bhi Jaa’ and ‘Nain Katari’, shot to fame in 2002 with the release of its debut album ‘Yeh Bhi Woh Bhi’. The commercial and critical success of the band since 2002 helped them earn the tag ‘The Backstreet Boys of India’.

Speaking with, vocalist and member of the band, Sherrin Varghese confirmed the news. Varghese said, “There’s fresh enthusiasm amongst the boys now. Our last album came out in 2008, and since its release, the band has not produced anything.”

The band remained inactive since 2008 only to re-appear on television sets for the promotional work ‘Ungli Campaign’ urging people to vote for the general elections in 2014. Varghese pointed out that effective management and energy played a vital role towards the band’s popularity from 2002 to 2008. He added that the band would now return to the scene with a more matured sound, under Harsh Gokani’s “young and enthusiastic” management. Varghese explained, “The boys decided to choose separate paths. I focused on my electronica project, Karan (Oberoi) discovered his passion for acting, Chin2 (Bhosle) experimented with his music, Siddharth (Haldipur) moved towards Bollywood, and so did Sudhanshu (Pandey).”

Pandey, who had left the band few years after its inception, returns to join the boys on their ‘second innings’. The band promises to return with evolved sound, but would not change the content of their reach. “Our focus would continue to remain on fans in the age group between 8 and 80. Fans still sing and appreciate our songs (recorded over a decade ago) and that explains how much we were loved. Not just us, the Lucky Alis, the Shaans and all other hits provided during 2000s still receive massive playtime on radios, discs and music channels. Definitely, we would continue to do what we did, but the music will be a ‘bit more 2016’,” revealed Varghese.

Pandey’s return adds another dynamic to the band’s reach and musicality. However, the band’s reunion would not involve Siddharth Haldipur. Asked about Haldipur’s absence, Varghese replied, “The singer remains to be a part of us, although, Siddharth would not be involved with our new work.”

So what do we expect from the boys? Varghese explained how Bollywood has, directly or indirectly, affected the scene and hampered the growth of several acts that rose to fame in 2000s. Varghese expressed, “Bollywood’s attitude of “our way or the highway” ended up in their favour with a lot of talented acts moving towards mainstream movies. That acts as a huge reason why bands like ours do not exist anymore. People missed our music, and we are coming back to provide them exactly what they need.”

A Band Of Boys will release their comeback single around14 February (Valentine's Day) , and will progress to create more singles or EP that defines their music, style and image.