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News |  13 Jan 2016 17:18 |  By RnMTeam

All songs inspire me: Luke Kenny

MUMBAI: Actor-singer Luke Kenny came in the limelight with ‘Rock On!!’ in 2008, but the performer has been around much before that. In fact, his connect with the stage has been spectacular, and over the years he has mastered the art of mesmerising live audiences. And he wants to continue doing that, for he believes that no connect is more organic than performing in front of a live audience.

“I am focusing on my live performances at the moment,” said Kenny who recently performed at the Hard Rock Café in Andheri (Mumbai) at the sixth anniversary of Artist Aloud.

Kenny is also a great composer, and he continues making some outstanding compositions. These compositions usually become a part of Kenny’s personal library, unless something fits right for a film or a project. “I have been working on my music, but there are no plans of bringing out a single or an album. I do not believe in putting out compositions or songs for the sake of it. However, a bank (of compositions) is built to showcase ideas,” said the artist.

Kenny gets inspiration for his compositions from songs across the globe. “All songs inspire me. Usually the tune comes to me and then I work on it. It’s the tune that tells me what sort of song it will be. I do not decide on making a romantic, philosophical, rock or an item number. It’s very rare that I have a song in hand and then I work towards its music,” revealed Kenny.

Just like his tunes, Kenny does not believe in sticking to a particular genre. He believes in exploring all avenues in the best possible way. The singer’s affection for music is not just limited to songs. He is extremely fond of musicals and he attends a musical every time he is abroad. “Every time I travel I am bound to catch up on a musical play,” averred the musician.

Lastly, the actor Kenny, revealed that he will be a part of ‘Rock On 2!!’ But unlike the last time his role will just be limited to flashbacks.