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Interviews |  12 Aug 2022 16:57 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Aabha Hanjura releases quintessential love song 'Madano'

MUMBAI: Singer-composer Aabha Hanjura dropped her latest original love song “Madano” in collaboration with Kalyan Baruah.

“Madano” is a whole package of Aabha Hanjura, penned by Neeraj Rajawat under Ziply Productions.

Radioandmusic got in touch with the singer Aabha Hanjura to know more about the song and the story behind it. She also spoke about her views on traditional and modern love.

Check the interview below:

Tell us about your song Madano?

Madano is a quintessential love song. It's a Hindi original of mine and I have been playing around with this melody for a long time and I happened to meet Kalyan Baruah, the guitar of virtue, in Mumbai. And we wanted to do a song together and this happened to be the song we collaborated on and I think the vibe that we both have cooked up for this is really fresh and it’s a love song from a female perspective which is really rare these days because in mainstream you rarely hear love songs sung by women and for expressing what love means to them, it is really something in that direction and I'm very excited about how people will react to this song.

What’s the story behind the song that inspired you?

This song came together with a lot of things. Kind of starting with something else and landing up on to something else it started in Kashmiri and went on to become Hindi song. But I kept the essence of the song Madano which is basically a word for beloved in Kashmiri and in Hindi also it is referred as Madan for Krishna who is a quintessential lover. The song itself I was inspired by the fact that there haven’t been so many love songs sung from a female perspective that also showcase the dwell into the headiness of the new love that women feel and that shade of passion and desire that women have. Most love songs are sung by men for women so I really wanted to have one of those songs as my songs, where I can showcase and portray that length. Also it is lyrically a very rich song. It's the kind of words that are very poetic and in a very very beautiful space and a very dreamy space so I’m very excited about how people will receive the song.

What is love according to you?

Well, Love according to me is the purest emotion that there is. I think this world is for love and it is because of love it is pure, devotion, passion it has so many shades, I don’t think you can describe it in this one. But even Madano that way is tempting to tell one side of a few shades of love that as I see it.

What are your views on traditional and modern love?

I’m not sure about traditional and modern love, what is the difference, I just feel like love is love and by that I mean all kinds of love. Love that women feel for men and men feels for women, either women feel for women or men feel for men of all kinds of love. People who are non-binary all kinds of love is love. Basically love is the most beautiful emotion and the purest emotions that they raise that drives everything around us in this universe. And I feel at the end of the day love is love. All kinds of love are beautiful.

What's next in your pipeline?

Well this is an exciting collaboration that I’m doing right now and I’m very excited about this song’s release and how people will receive it. Apart from that just to release this song I have taken a break from the Sufistication folk pop songs sessions that I was releasing, because I feel the weather is beautiful and this is the right time for a song like this which is a very easy, dreamy kind of a song which would find its way into people’s heart and also into their playlist. Post that I’m going to be continuing with some of the folk sessions and releases and there’s a lot of more exciting collaborations in the pipeline and I’m also planning a small tour soon.