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Interviews |  27 Oct 2020 17:21 |  By RnMTeam

We miss playing live, have been starving for fan connection during lockdown: Bob Mose

MUMBAI: Canadian electronic duo Bob Moses, their six tracks you can look forward to are Love We Found, The Blame, Desire with Zhu, Hold Me Up, Outlier,  and Ordinary Day.

Bob Moses has performed and headlined at events and venues around the world, including Bowery Ballroom, TomorrowWorld, Ultra Music Festival, Governors Ball, Fabric, and many others.

From what inspires their music to when a possible visit to India might be on the cards, here's everything you need to know.

Check the interview below:

You just dropped some mind-blowing music and now this livestream concert! Tell us more about it?

The livestream is going to be the first broadcast of a live performance film we've been working on. It takes listeners through the three iterations of Bob Moses, from our club set into our full live band set and finally an acoustic set. It's come together really well and we're excited to have the performance out in the world!

How have you connected with fans during the lockdown?

We've been starving for fan connection during lockdown. We miss playing live very much. We've done some connecting the only place we can, online, with fans, through our BobCast episodes. This livestream is going to be the beginning of a new effort to engage in that space a little bit more, and we'll be doing some more BobCast episodes starting after the livestream that will mainly include in- studio streams of us making music from scratch and chatting with fans.

Do you plan to play live in India?

We can't wait to come play live in India. We've made plans to come several times, but they've sadly always fallen through. We were supposed to be there this year but COVID put a pause on those plans! We'll get there as soon as we possibly can, and we are very excited to do so.

What’s coming up next?

We're going to be doing some live streaming on Twitch and we are working on even more new music!