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Interviews |  23 Oct 2020 20:48 |  By Tolika Yeptho

"'Team building' is an art"; says MC Sid

India’s comedy Rapper MC Sid aka Siddharth Sood, popularly known as 'The Comedy Specialist', is a freestyle rap artist who raps in English with a little add on of Hindi, Punjabi.

He has also created his own special brand of ‘team-building’ exercises, Branded Comedy Rap, where he taps into relaxing power of music by rapping with a percussionist for a wholesome experience.

To know more about his musical journey, we spoke to MC Sid. In a further chit-chat, he also elaborated on his special brand of ‘team-building’.

Check the interview below:

You have rapped in English, Hindi and Punjabi, do you have plans to explore more languages?

Yes! And I plan on trying a lot more in Marathi and Spanish, Spanish is actually something I’m working very carefully towards.

Could you share a brief with us about your special brand of ‘team-building’?

Team building is an art, we try really hard to help the audience connect with each other via our musical journey, we get everyone together and ask them to come up with relevant words and write them all down on a sheet. Once this is done, I read all the words and actually make up a rap using those words and this helps grow trust between the entire audience.

Please lay down some points on how you got productive during lockdown?

I've learnt to cook and eat healthy at the same time. I've also discovered audio books and specially started doing much longer walks for about an hour each day while listening to my audio books, it gives me a lot of time to reflect and have truly enjoyed it at the same time being very active.

Tell us some of your memorable moments that you made through your journey?

I have met Sharukh at a wedding! Also I've brought smiles to thousands of faces and have got so much love from so many people I have performed for, once a client changed the dates of their entire wedding because I wasn't available on their chosen dates that really made me feel special!

What are your future plans in terms of music?

I plan to work on a lot more music in English and am trying really hard to add a touch of comedy to my music, make it more Gangnam Style and pop and fun and keep it young and fresh.