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Interviews |  22 Oct 2020 17:39 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Shilpa Surroch drop an earthy vibe track 'Munna Rap' for Amazon original crime thriller 'Mirzapur season 2'

MUMBAI: Playback singer-songwriter Shilpa Surroch is back with her tenth web series song in the most awaited Amazon original crime thriller “Mirzapur” season 2. The series music is beautifully composed by composer Anand Bhaskar and the crime thriller is directed by Gurmeet Singh and Mihir Desai.

In an interview with, Shilpa Surroch has given some interesting insights about the song and more. 

Check the interview below:

What does your new track reflect on?

This track “Munna Rap” from Mirzapur, is basically about the Antagonist “Munna Tripathi”, the heir of Mafia Boss of Mirzapur. It is basically his theme song, which is Rap based but has an earthy vibe. Composed brilliantly by Anand Bhaskar, who has also sung the same song in a different vibe.

Watch here: 


Share with us your experience working on Amazon Prime series?

This is my 10th Web Series song for any platform. Having said that, this one feels like a great accomplishment, since Amazon is a big brand and Mirzapur is their flagship web show, if I may say so. I feel very happy to be associated with it. Thanks to the music composer of the series, Anand Bhaskar, for having me on-board.

How do you feel about the new normal system of performing and recording?

The undying spirit of this city surprises me, even though I miss the live shows but I am happy to be working tirelessly, still. I already have recorded 5 songs in the past month, one of which is for Bombay Begums for Netflix. I have a collaboration coming up in November with the UK Singer- Songwriter-Rapper “Apache Indian”, along with Dinero Ash & Chezin. I don’t think I have anything to complain about. Gratitude is all I feel.

How have you been primarily spending your time in quarantine?

I was at my native place Himachal Pradesh for the last couple months. It was an unsolicited break for me but who cannot like being in the hills amidst Lockdown. I used that break to my full capacity I believe, from learning how to cook and making videos for my YouTube channel “The Rustic Chulha” to making tracks on my iPhone, writing songs, I did it all, apart from yes, going on little picnics with family at various places in Himachal.

Upcoming projects?

Apart from “Munna Rap” song for Mirzapur, I have a song coming up in UK based Artist “Apache Indian”s next music album. I am super stoked about this one, since it’s my first International Collaboration and I was involved in the songwriting of this song as well. Then I have two songs coming up for Dice Media’s next Web show called “PFA Season 2”. Post that, I have a song coming up for Bombay Begums on Netflix. Apart from this, I am waiting for some exciting film songs to happen. My last song was with Mika Singh for the film “Jai Mummy Di” that Released in January and I am sure more is to come.