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Interviews |  14 Oct 2020 15:23 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rohan Solomon's 'Without A Trace' is a power ballad with an acoustic organic vibe

Aftersharing his single like “Keep Holding On” and “Victoria’s Secret”, singer-songwriter Rohan Solomon is back with the next single “Without A Trace” giving a power ballad with an acoustic and organic vibe.

The music video beautifully captures the raw emotions of the singer-songwriter, as he's seen strumming away, isolated from the crowds and madness of the concrete jungle life, amongst a vast spread of rocks and greens.

Check interview below:

Q 1. What does your song “Without A Trace” consist of? Give us a gist of what’s the song's story and idea behind the track?

It’s a power ballad with a very acoustic and organic vibe. What you see is essentially a singer-songwriter with a guitar telling a story which is encapsulated by a symphony orchestra. In this song I talk about having feelings of self-doubt and just ponder over how much I’ve achieved so far in life and whether I have really made a difference. This is not something that people usually talk about. Hopefully after listening to this song, if there’s anyone who is feeling those same emotions will feel comfortable to talk about it to someone close to them. A line from the song “I’m a sinking ship that’s got no guiding star” definitely tell us a story and brings forward a shift in the mood saying that it’s ok to have moments where you question your own worth and achievements but in those moments, we must continue to look for the light that gives us direction and purpose and in most cases we’ll find it within us.

Watch here:

Q 2. How have you been primarily spending your time in quarantine?

I’ve been writing a lot of new songs. I don’t know how many of those are actually usable and release worthy, but there are definitely some songs that I feel have a lot of potential. I guess this entire year has been one of introspection and free of distractions. This has definitely allowed me to spend more time and focus my energy on producing music for other artists across the globe and also to search deeper within myself for true messages and things that need to come out and be written and expressed in the form of a song. I have also been giving a lot of focus to my health and practicing a healthier lifestyle in general. Working out 6 days a week and eat mostly healthy home cooked food.

Q 3.  How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard you before? What does your act consist of?

I would technically fit in the category of “singer-songwriter” or “organic pop-rock”. My songs (for the most part) have a very organic feel to them. Some songs (e.g. “Keep Holding On”) have some electronic elements to them, but on the whole, even they feel like a “story” at the end of the day. It still feels organic and emotional to me.

As of now, there is no shows because of COVID. But whenever I feel safe enough to get back on stage to perform and tour, my act would consist of a live band. For the most part, you’ll always find real people playing real instruments and live singing etc. There can always be a song or two that might have a layer which is being fed through a laptop and is synchronized with a click track in our in-ear monitors, but overall, the act would be live and energetic and interactive with the audience.

Q4. How do you feel about the new Normal system of performing and recording?

The new normal for recording is great. It definitely pushes artists to develop some basic production and recording skills in order to be efficient enough to get their vocals or instrumental stems across to their producer or mix engineer etc. Since, 90% of my clients are from the US (for Synergy Audio Productions, the other side of my work where I work with artists to produce/mix/master their work) I’ve been working remotely via the internet for months and months before COVID even came about. I’m very comfortable with the process.

As far as performing goes, it’s definitely going to take some getting used to. I have done a few live shows on social media platforms and it’s great to have an audience taking the time to type questions and mostly type requests for songs they want to hear haha, but it does not compare to the feeling of actually being on a proper stage with real living human beings in front of you and showing their appreciation for your performance. That rush is incredible! 

Q5. Share with us about your upcoming projects?

I am working on a few singles for the near future. Other than that, I’m either producing/mixing/mastering songs for other artists. These are some amazing songs that I’m so proud to have worked on. All will be released soon. Aside from music and production, I’m also running my online institute for audio engineering, where I’m conducting classes over the internet and teaching students. I love teaching. I really feel like it’s my responsibility to pass on everything I’ve learned to the next generation.