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Interviews |  24 Sep 2020 12:14 |  By Namrata Kale

Music industry is filled with fake people who don't support real talent: Raasta Mastaan

Raasta Mastaan, winner of MTV Hustle’s ‘The Hustle Cypher Event’ who launched ‘Bharosa’, a track on trustworthiness spoke exclusively to about Bharosa. In a further chit-chat, he also elaborated on his take about the rap culture in India and a lot more.

Do check the interview below.

Bharosa has been released on Most Wanted Records. How did your association with them come about?

I had got in touch with someone through my friend in Most Wanted Records via them I got connected with the label in Chembur. They really liked my work that’s how it all happened.

What are the preparations you had done for this song?

We focus on the beat, so I wrote it with my technique in writing song and sent to blurface and label they appreciated me we all liked it. Then we discussed with dropout Media (video team) on how to shoot and edit it. We took 2 days to shoot it

Your lyrics and music have a Mumbai lingo, Is it something that you personally prefer?

Yes, rap music is real, hence I decided I'll do in Mumbai style with some goo good Hindi and a little bit of Urdu. Just so I could connect with everyone - educated and not so educated.

What is the message you want to convey through the song?

The world has become worse than before. People want to seek happiness but in the wrong way, people don't think before doing anything so that’s why I want to tell everyone to think before doing anything and don't trust anyone.

Where did you learn rapping from? Who has been motivating you?

In our country, there was no teacher at that time. Nowadays some people are doing for hip hop and helping kids but when I started there was nothing so I did my best to learn and start practicing with my crew 'Rastafari' 

We motivated our self because we are not from a rich family. We have responsibilities of our family and self, that thing has given me strength, energy, and motivation.

What’s been the Role of Most Wanted Records in curating the music with you? Are you planning more releases in the coming month?

Yes, 100% Most Wanted records supported me fully. We are working on an album and a couple of singles. We shall soon release it.

Today we have a number of troops/groups for Rapping, do you plan to also join any and compose music?

No definitely our nation and music industry is filled with fake people who don’t support real talent and they don't give artists their reasonable amount, that's why I don't believe them easily but some people are loyal and I love to work with them.

What is your take on Rap Music culture in India?

‘Underground’ is good. Some people are doing hard work.  Salute to them and rest are fake artists. Mainstream music is not so amazing too.