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Interviews |  13 May 2016 15:17 |  By RnMTeam

In Bollywood, everyone promises you a song- Sukhbir

MUMBAI: This gentleman revived the 'Golden Bhangra Era' with his flawless musical beats and ability to jog the audience out of its ennui with his energetic numbers. No celebration was complete without his glorious Punjabi number 'Oh Ho Ho Ho'.

His other popular tracks includes 'Dil Laga' (Dhoom 2), 'Munde Bhangra Paunde' to name a few.

Here's presenting Sukhbir, who appears to have almost gone into hibernation in Dubai. But wait, he could back yet. Read on to know more.

You took an early break in your music career and settled in Dubai. Can you please describe your experience, and how has it shaped who you are today?

I have been settled in Dubai ‎for the last 23 years and my music career started from here` The experience has been absolutely amazing and Dubai proved to be the perfect place to be based out of as I travel globally for work. I had set up a recording studio in Dubai where all my albums have been recorded. I shut down the studio in 2000.

What made you take a sabbatical from music?

This happened to all the singers of that time. We had no choice as the Indian pop industry collapsed due to illegal downloads. CD sales plummeted as free downloads became available. I have created a lot of new music since then but did not have a platform to launch ‎or release it from. Some of the pop artists did get lucky with Bollywood such as Shaan and Mika and I am also creating music for films and hopefully you will get to hear some very soon.

You were raised in Kenya. How did you end up singing in Punjabi?

Punjabi/English/Swahili were all spoken at home in Kenya but Punjabi was not the first language that I started singing in, it was Hindi film songs. I was a musician in a band in Nairobi and started singing the odd Hindi song and eventually was promoted to singing Punjabi songs, I made it a point to prepare all songs that were requested for and eventually ended up singing in ten languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili and Korean, just to clarify, I do not speak all the languages that I sing in.

Have you permanently settled down in Dubai? How often do you visit India?

I visit India very often and yes Dubai has been home since I moved here in 1993.

Do you have any Bollywood projects in your kitty?

In my kitty? Not sure what that means as when you go to Bollywood everyone promises you a song in their film but I learnt through experience not to start counting my eggs before they hatch and with Bollywood you have to let the hatchlings become 'tandoori' chicken. The only people who did what they said were Sanjay Gadhvi and Aditya Chopra with the film 'Dhoom 2' and I got to sing 'Dil Laga' for Hrithik Roshan.

Are you in touch with any Bollywood personality?

I have a couple of good friends in the industry, Akshay Kumar is one of my closest friends in the industry.

Are you going to come up with any new song? If yes, when and how?

I have many songs ready to go and hopefully should be out there soon.

Do you miss the 'Golden Bhangra Era'? Also enlighten us how music industry changed for you through the years.

Yes I do miss the way the industry was back in the day when you worked on your album and the record label released it and that was it.

Do you put up live shows and performances? Does the love of fans vary from country to country?

Yes I am very active on the live circuit and perform.globally for destination weddings and corporate events. My fans are always very supportive globally and seem to really love the one song ('oh ho ho ho!') which I end up singing multiple times at one performance.

Any message for fans who would love to see you soon.

Please be patient as I have been and I promise there will new songs and hopefully very soon. If it was not for you, I would never be.