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Interviews |  07 Nov 2015 10:00 |  By RnMTeam

RJ Urmin: Dreams come true with a price and the price is hard work

MUMBAI: RJ Urmin, best known as Mumbaichi Mulgi Urmin, is a girl with an infectious smile and undoubtedly an unforgettable voice. She has been in the radio business for the past seven years, and in these years she has studied the city more closely than before. She still travels by train to stay connected with Mumbaikars, and does all she can to become better with every passing day.

In conversation with, RJ Urmin talks about her journey from interning at Fever FM to becoming the second intern in the history of the radio station to be hired. Read on.

When and how did RJing happen to you?

I began my professional career as a background dancer for Saroj Khan. In fact, I also did NDTV Imagine’s ‘Nachle Ve With Saroj Khan’. It was only after this show that I started thinking about my next career move. Radio was the happening thing then because people did not have smart phones. I thought of giving it a shot and went on to do a six month internship with Fever FM. I use to reach office at 7am and leave by 11:30 or 12 in the night. And my job included me serving people coffee and removing CDs. There were times when I felt that they had hired me because they were running out of office boys. (Laughs)

How did things change?

One fine day I walked up to my boss and expressed my desire to become an RJ. He gave me the opportunity of running the 12 am to 3 am slot. It was the midnight slot, which was sort-of a dead slot then, but at the same time I was supposed to be completing my daily job of an intern. So, I used to go in at 7 am and leave around 2 am, as the last hour of the show was pre-recorded. So, I started working harder, but then I was happy to have at least got a chance to showcase my talent. And gradually, the dead slot came to life. I started getting loyal listeners.

Did that help you get rid of your duties as an intern?

I was very much an intern. But gradually, I got a weekend afternoon show that allowed me to explore myself. We called the show 'Fever Unplugged' because it is meant to bring you some of the best artists in Bollywood, and their unplugged music. In fact, now it even runs in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata.

Did you get your share of fame post hosting the show?

While I started getting recognition for the show, I still had other duties. I was producing another daily show, and therefore my days were packed. It was difficult, but my dream of becoming an RJ saw me through that time. 

How did you manage to stay strong all this while?

I did have my share of breakdowns. There was this point when my health started taking a toll. My parents were not happy with all that was happening with me. Hence, there was this point when I even told my boss that, ‘maybe I did not have that spark in me’. But, today when I look back, it all feels completely worth it.

When and how did ‘Mumbaichi Mulgi Urmin’ happen to you?

There was a daily afternoon slot that had opened up and I was given the opportunity to host it. However, my name presented a challenge because it is not one of the most common names.

When and how was the title ‘Mumbaichi Mulgi Urmin’ given to you?

Mumbaichi Mulgi Urmin was conceptulised keeping in mind my personality. Moreover, I was born and brought up in Mumbai, and the title really worked for me. Even today when I say, ‘I am RJ Urmin’, the name does not ring a bell. But the minute I mention ‘Mumbaichi Mulgi’ people recognise me.

Did you struggle a lot?

I believe that Mumbai is one place where dreams come true. But, these dreams come true with a price and that price is hard work. I started my RJing career on a time band that not many were interested in, but I knew all along that that was just the beginning of my association with my listeners. 

Did your parents support you?

My mother never believed that I could be an RJ. She wanted me to complete my MBA. She thought I would head nowhere with a B.Com degree. But, then I stayed adamant on my decision, which she did not like. However, things have changed drastically today. She is my biggest PR, and she is always telling her friends to tune into my show.

You started as a dancer. Do you miss that?

I never wanted to be a background dancer. I always wanted be at the center of the stage; I wanted the spotlight on me. A lot of my dancer friends said ‘once a backstage dancer you always stay a backstage dancer.’ So, I moved away from there, but I still dance. I will soon complete my B.A. in Kathak. I also perform for celebrities who come to the Fever studio, going by its tagline ‘Entertainment Ka Baap’. These dance videos go on our YouTube channel and Facebook. So, in a way, I am dancing my way through radio.

What’s next?

A lot of RJs feel that they should move to TV and films, but for me radio is my world. I completely respect the medium. I get the kind of love I want from people through radio. So, the next thing for me would be to get a prime time slot.