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Interviews |  17 Oct 2015 10:00 |  By RnMTeam

Sohrab Nicholson: Blessed to be working with amazingly adaptive musicians

Pic Courtesy- Neville Sukhia Photography

Electronic/electro organic/ambient music outfit, Nicholson, is working on new full length album.  Having released two EPs last year titled ‘For What’ (May) and ‘Cold Water’ (Dec), Nicholson has established a strong presence in the independent music space, playing at major festivals like NH7 Weekender and Magnetic Fields. Based in Mumbai , Nicholson comprises of Sohrab Nicholson, Rohan Ramanna on drums and production, JJ and Stuart.

In conversation with, Sohrab Nicholson, vocalist/ keyboardist and co-founder, offers an insight to the upcoming Nicholson album, music and more.

New album

I am currently writing my first full length album with Rohan Ramanna, who produces all our material live and in studio. I cannot say when it will be ready because putting a cap on these things is counterproductive. There are also a few collaborations in the pipeline.

Song Writing Process

Every song is different, and the approach is different. It all happens very organically. There is no real system in place to be able to tell you exactly how it comes together. Usually everything starts with an idea. Sometimes it is a chord progression, other times it is a lyric; it just depends. Once there is a skeleton we start arranging. Rohan is a production and arranging wizard, there is a lot of back and forth that goes on between the two of us before something is ready.

Working as a collective

Every member brings a certain flavour to the music; everyone has a role to play which eventually blends in. Rohan is very much the other half of the project in every sense. Our music would not be our music without him around. JJ and Stu come on board for larger shows when we play as the entire collective. They bring a certain freshness, and completely take the sound elsewhere. Everyone brings something irreplaceable to the table. I feel very blessed to be able to work with such amazingly adaptive musicians and producers.

Studio Vs Live

Well, both were a bit nerve racking in the beginning, and now they are much easier. Studio work is very different from live work, but I kind of love them both. I would not trade either for the other. Live still makes me very nervous, but the nerves are good, they help to a certain extent.

Live Set

The live set is a lot to explain. There are synths, drums, pads, live looping, launchpads, iPads, guitars; there is a lot going on. I think JJ and Stu bring the most gear to the table out of all of us but it is fun. Having lots of gear around is really inspiring, especially when we are using instruments in ways that they are not typically used. We have all played in bands before; the idea was to be a collective and do something that none of us had ever done before.

Going International

If ‘going international' was as easy as simply deciding to do it, I think we would all be playing abroad more often. We did, however, do a few shows in the UK this summer which went really well. If opportunities arose to play abroad again, we would certainly take them. For any musician, anywhere in the world, touring outside their own country is on their wish list. It is simply what musicians want to do.

Musical Background

Singing is just something I have always enjoyed doing (in the shower). I sang for a choir in high school, for fun and stuff, but it was never something I considered doing professionally. My training lies rooted in jazz piano, which I spent four years studying in Canada. Even though I am not really making jazz music, both Rohan - who co writes and produces Nicholson material- and I, are very much rooted in jazz sensibility.

The Future

The tide seems to be doing a good job by itself. We are just happy to be playing and making music.