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Interviews |  22 Sep 2015 11:54 |  By RnMTeam

DJ Yves V: As a resident DJ at Tomorrowland you have to bring out your biggest weapons

Playing at Tomorrowland, in front of more than 60,000 people can be a task, especially for a resident DJ. Regardless of the task, DJ Yves V was more than just successful when it came to keeping energy levels high at one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world. There is no doubting that DJ Yves V is going places. His upcoming track ‘Daylight’, featuring Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman is also included in Tomorrowland’s recently released after movie.

In an interview with, DJ Yves V talks about Tomorrowland’s latest edition, its challenges, his very own project ‘Octagon’ and V Sessions radio, which he seems excited about.


What have your previous visits to India been like? Do you enjoy playing in India? 

I love visiting India, everything from the culture to the food and atmosphere just draws me back. It is always an honour to play so far away from my home in Belgium, and the Indian shows I have already played stand out in my memory so much. I was over for Diwali in October, which was so magical.

How was the latest edition of Tomorrowland for you?

Brilliant. Tiring, but brilliant. I had a great set with a beautiful rainbow lighting up the fields during the last few tracks that really felt like it was just fate, the timing, the tunes, everything. I also brought a mega line-up for my V Sessions stage with R3hab, Chuckie, Sidney Samson, FTampa and many more friends joining in the fun. It really does get better each year.

What are the challenges you face as a resident DJ of the festival? 

I would say you have to work twice as hard to please everybody. Just because you are a Tomorrowland resident does not mean that you will be please everyone’s taste. You just have to play your best and bring the biggest weapons out of your record box. There is no time to be shy and nowhere to hide when you are out on that mainstage in front of 60,000 people. 

How would you say electronic music has evolved in the last couple of years? 

Electronic music has progressed into the mainstream and into the charts a lot more – there are more sub-genres now as compared to five or ten years ago, with tropical house etc. But I think it is great to see younger talent rising through the ranks, experimenting and becoming interested in the history of dance and electronic music. 

Which DJs and producers are you looking to collaborate with in the near future?

R3hab and Quintino

How do you find working with new talent in the industry? Or do you prefer reaching out to veterans of dance?

I think the talent coming up in the industry is some of the best to be seen. I am into what Martin Garrix is doing, merging the pop world and this dance world and taking it to a younger audience. We had a great catch up at Tomorrowland this year; his recent track with Usher was absolute fire. 

What do you think of this trend where two or more DJs come together to form a group, like Jack Ü?

I think it is great – my Tomorrowland brothers, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, along with Steve Aoki, are doing their ‘3 Are Legend’ thing unlike anyone else out there at the moment, and that Jack Ü record was fantastic. 

If given an opportunity, what would you like to experiment with in musical genres?

Probably tech house and deep house, if I had to choose another avenue, as I am a fan of both those genres.

If not a DJ, what do you think you would be? 

I was a teacher before I started producing music, so I would like to think I would do something similar to that; tutoring of some sort maybe. But I would like to be as creative in my career as I could be. 

Tell us about your current projects including your recently-launched V Sessions radio.

I launched V Sessions radio after finally hosting my V Sessions stages and it is just a chance for me to get in the mix with the latest tunes, connect with the fans and spread the tracks that are setting the dance floor on fire. I also have an all-new production – ‘Octagon’.