Features  |  06 Jun 2019

Birthday Special: Top 10 songs of Neha Kakkar

MUMBAI: Aankh Marey queen, Neha Kakkar has never failed to impress the audience with her marvellous songs like Oh Humsafar, Mile Ho Tum amongst others.

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Features  |  08 Dec 2008

Soumya Raoh - 'It's time to take a stance'

The Taj was burning, and we were watching helplessly, crying our hearts out. Hundreds of innocent lives were snuffed out. Many brave men died, protecting us. Mumbai came together to share grief, concern and anger. The frenzied, angry, frustrated energy at the Gateway movement was palpable. Finally, the people at the top are feeling the heat. Fingers that know, are clearly pointing towards Pakistan. Our Government is talking tough, and considering cutting all bilateral ties with Pakistan.

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Features  |  05 Dec 2008

Radio City's Love Guru

After being the resident Love Guru on Radio city for the past five years, I am carrying forward my persona on the silver screen. I am playing myself in the movie Dil Kabbadi where the four main characters confide in Love Guru on radio. I am playing the role of an agony uncle, who is very chilled out and humorous, in the film. It was more or less the same experience for me as I am doing what I do every day in the radio studio.

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Features  |  28 Nov 2008

Panditji and I - Chaitanya Kunte

MUMBAI: When Panditji was still recovering, I went to accompany him for his Riyaz this was the first time that Panditji was singing at his home after an operation in 1999. We knew Panditji was not in the best of his health, but at the same time we were surprised to see the aura and the inner power he displayed. After getting the tanpura tuned, his four disciples, Bharat Kamat on the tabla and I on the harmonium looked at Panditji eagerly.

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Features  |  27 Nov 2008

The reality behind music talent shows

MUMBAI: The ripple that started in 2005 has become a flood now, and shows no sign of abating. Year after year, television channels churn out 'talent hunt' winners, singers who are often supposed to look as good as they sing. Does the ephemeral share of the spotlight come with any lasting returns for these offspring of TV talent searches?

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Features  |  18 Nov 2008

I belong to radio, not to any brand - Hello FM's V Balaji

Hello FM's recently appointed cluster head for RoT (Rest of Tamil Nadu) V Balaji might just be an ideal icon for youngsters wanting to make it big in the radio world. From an RJ, the young radio professional has been chosen to head a clutch of radio stations. Balaji will be responsible for monitoring of talent and content across the six stations.

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Features  |  07 Nov 2008

'Silenced' Bangalore reverts to sleepy town image

Bangalore seems to be doing immense justice to its reputation of sleepy town.

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Features  |  31 Oct 2008

Going for a song

The rules of the music rights game in the Hindi film industry are changing at light speed. When music wizard A R Rahman refused to compose for Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om when denied a share in the film's music rights, he didn't know it would create a tumult in the composer fraternity. In the span of less than a year since then, composers have begun laying down their own rules.

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Features  |  25 Oct 2008

Multi-composer films - Making light work, or spoiling the broth?

In November 2007, Anees Bazmee's Welcome kicked in a new trend in Hindi film music. No longer do multi star cast films mean an impressive line-up of stars, they also imply an equally august roster of music composers. Sunday, Mission Istanbul and Jimmy followed Welcome. Pahlaj Nihalani's Khushboo and Kumar Mangat's Haal E Dil were next, and C Company and EMI were children of the same trend.

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Features  |  14 Oct 2008

RJ Anjana - You can't act on air!

In the 19th century, when the likes of Tesla and Marconi, discovered and invented radio waves and radio, they surely must have foreseen a generation where communication was available to every second man on the road. But did they foresee a generation which makes friends, solves problems, laughs, cries and worries over a bunch of waves? I guess not  But what they did foresee was that communication now didn't need too many garbled wires or shipping and cargos. It was just waves making waves. Ok that sounded clich?©! 

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Features  |  05 Sep 2008

RJ Dheena - My Guinness Attempt

I am writing this blog post my successful completion of 168 hours of being on-air continuously which has got me a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. At present, I feel all happy and excited to have set a new world record, but getting here was not an easy journey, it involved lots of preparation from my side and lots of help from my colleagues. Here's a brief description of how I went about it.

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Features  |  12 Aug 2008

The Power to Bajaao

MUMBAI: First it was Sush, then it was Kats and joining them were millions of Mumbaikars who wholeheartedly supported us in our endeavor to make a difference in the society.

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