Features  |  06 Jun 2019

Birthday Special: Top 10 songs of Neha Kakkar

MUMBAI: Aankh Marey queen, Neha Kakkar has never failed to impress the audience with her marvellous songs like Oh Humsafar, Mile Ho Tum amongst others.

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Features  |  09 Jun 2009

Jeeturaaj - Going gaga over BWSL

maa meree maa!!! the bwsl... is hot!!!did we hear wot's bwsl... ??

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Features  |  13 Apr 2009

Is the ghazal disappearing?

The number of ghazal singers has come down exponentially in the past decade or so. The few great singers who left a lasting impression on the ghazal scene were Begum Akhtar, K L Saigal, Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh and Talat Mahmood. However, in recent years, this genre has only seen a steady decline in the number of loyal listeners.  

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Features  |  07 Mar 2009

Femme power to the fore!

These women have shown that they are capable of holding their own in a sector oft dominated by men. In the last one year, they have won titles and honours or have helped get push the cause of music in the country and abroad, in one way or another. Radioandmusic.com profiles and salutes the women in music who dared to make a difference.... Sourabhee Debbarma

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Features  |  07 Mar 2009

Archana Jani - A day in the life of a female RJ

A Josh filled morning at Big 92.7 FM as the breakfast show jock is nothing like a typical boring office job. Its completely action packed which requires you to be constantly on your creative toes. Presenting an innovative and entertaining point of view on relevant topics to your listeners each time takes a lot of R&D, constant connect and key insight into the listeners' lives. Radio being a very dynamic medium giving out information and news by the second required knowing your listener requirements by the minute and positively impacting their lives each day.

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Features  |  23 Feb 2009

Rahman, Resul pave way for Indian musicians

MUMBAI: There's more to A R Rahman and Resul Pookutty's triumphs at the 81st Academy Awards today than the golden statuettes and the glory that the duo will carry back home. The long suffering Indian music industry appears to have found its succour of sorts in Rahman's and Resul's wins. A 'historic win' apart, music industry veterans here believe the Oscar win for the sound and music industry will open doors for Indian music overseas.

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Features  |  31 Jan 2009

2008 - Those who left us

2008 was a year marked by several developments in the radio and music industries, but it was also a year when some noted personalities in these fields, who had left their mark in their respective fields, passed away. Radioandmusic.com pays tribute.

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Features  |  06 Jan 2009

To Rahman Sir with Love

MUMBAI: Musicians who work with him call him 'Rahman Sir' and technicians in his studio refer to him as 'Boss' – out of sheer respect and admiration. On his 43rd birthday, Radioandmusic.com spoke to those who have worked with the homegrown genius and also his composer fans from the industry who have followed his music.

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Features  |  05 Jan 2009

The Bollywood music scene '08

Bollywood saw over 100 big budget releases this year, there were songs which got us instantly hooked and there were those overhyped musicals or music scores which fell flat. Out of the huge number of releases, few had songs that were timeless. We wonder, did Bollywood give us music that we can recall and relive again and again?

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Features  |  22 Dec 2008

RJ Malishka - The King and I....

Meeting with a King, I'd assumed, would have a tiresome prelude. There'd be ministers to please and courtesans to put at ease. There'd be plotting vazirs and doting maharanis. Not quite right with his lordship, SRK. Ok, maybe there were two or three hyper P.R chics, a handful of cautious security guards and two sweet, snoozing dogs who seemed to say �the king can take care of himself.' That of course because the king was expecting moi? I dont dare to assume I'd get into the hallowed walls of Mannat or his office building so easily on a regular day.

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Features  |  13 Dec 2008

Subroto Chattopadhyay condemns the terror attacks

Mujh ko kahan dhoonde re bande… Na Kaabe Kailash mein - Kabir

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Features  |  12 Dec 2008

Terror ripples in Music Industry

Pakistan's alleged involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks has given rise to conflicting opinion's about Pakistani artistes who have been associated with our music industry. With some sections taking a stand to ban Pakistani artists, there are others who maintain – music has no boundaries.

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