Features  |  11 Aug 2018

The captivating music of Lavani

MUMBAI: A comparatively known form of music, Lavani originated in Maharashtra. Lavani can be categorised as Shringari lavani or Nirguni lavani.

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Features  |  04 Jan 2010

Rewind '09 - Top 10 original Bollywood songs of '09

MUMBAI: These are the ultimate must have's on your iPod, for they are aren't just the hummable ones, but tracks that we feel will stand the test of time, and will remain on your playlist way beyond 2010 too.

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Features  |  23 Dec 2009

2010 set for surfeit of music awards

MUMBAI: The coming year may give a much needed boost to the music fraternity as three different music awards: the Mirchi music awards (that started in 2008), IMA or Indian Music Academy Awards which is patronized by the likes of Pt. Jasraj and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, and another Indian Music Awards, which is conceptualized by four music driven media professionals - gear up to recognise talent.

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Features  |  11 Nov 2009

Call 'em for the music

MUMBAI: They are the ones that create the music we keep playing on our phones and ipods. It's their tunes that make their way into a million cell phones as ring tones and caller ring back tones. Ever wonder what the singers, composers and lyricists from the sprawling music industry in India think about that biggest revenue generator on the horizon - the CRBT? Ever wonder if they themselves subscribe to the service, and hey, do they play their own compositions?

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Features  |  02 Oct 2009

Music honours - too little, too late?

MUMBAI: Singing legend Manna Dey's contribution to music has been finally recognised by the nation at the age of 90 with the conferring of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2007 for his outstanding contribution to the field of cinema.

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Features  |  05 Sep 2009

Bollywood music - Reeling it in

Is Hindi film music, which takes the biggest pie of the music industry in India, getting better or worse over the years? Music has always been the soul food of the Hindi film industry, often creating hits or flops out of the tunes that marked the story.

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Features  |  23 Jul 2009

Indipop - missing in action

Remember Lucky Ali, Daler Mehndi, Alisha Chinai? Remember the magic they spun with their non film music back in the 80s and 90s, when the genre funnily christened Indi pop touched  dizzying heights, glowing as much as Hindi film music.

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Features  |  07 Jul 2009

Bollywood and the magic of monsoon music

Bollywood filmmakers have always been fascinated by the rains and have tried to depict them in a myriad ways. The rain, its sudden arrival, its absence and its analogies have been an element that symbolise every emotion- be it romance, heartbreak, joy or sensuality.

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Features  |  09 Jun 2009

Jeeturaaj - Going gaga over BWSL

maa meree maa!!! the bwsl... is hot!!!did we hear wot's bwsl... ??

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Features  |  13 Apr 2009

Is the ghazal disappearing?

The number of ghazal singers has come down exponentially in the past decade or so. The few great singers who left a lasting impression on the ghazal scene were Begum Akhtar, K L Saigal, Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh and Talat Mahmood. However, in recent years, this genre has only seen a steady decline in the number of loyal listeners.  

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Features  |  07 Mar 2009

Femme power to the fore!

These women have shown that they are capable of holding their own in a sector oft dominated by men. In the last one year, they have won titles and honours or have helped get push the cause of music in the country and abroad, in one way or another. profiles and salutes the women in music who dared to make a difference.... Sourabhee Debbarma

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Features  |  07 Mar 2009

Archana Jani - A day in the life of a female RJ

A Josh filled morning at Big 92.7 FM as the breakfast show jock is nothing like a typical boring office job. Its completely action packed which requires you to be constantly on your creative toes. Presenting an innovative and entertaining point of view on relevant topics to your listeners each time takes a lot of R&D, constant connect and key insight into the listeners' lives. Radio being a very dynamic medium giving out information and news by the second required knowing your listener requirements by the minute and positively impacting their lives each day.

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