Features  |  14 Feb 2018

Musicians share their fondest Valentine's memories

MUMBAI: They have sung/ composed some of the most romantic songs, but let’s have a look at their fondest memories of Valentine’s Day.

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Features  |  08 Mar 2008

Women musicians - a rare breed on an uphill journey

The music industry continues to be a male-dominated bastion in India, both in the classical and the film sectors. Apart from women vocalists, the industry does not take kindly to women who try to prove their mettle on skills traditionally associated with men - be it tabla playing or composing tunes. Nevertheless, a few intrepid women have persevered enough to break through the barriers and establish themselves, rough though the road may have been. Gender bias

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Features  |  28 Feb 2008

On line Music Lessons- Music at your own Pace

The increasing penetration of the Internet in India, improved bandwidths and free or nominal download and upload charges have heralded a new trend in the music industry - online music lessons. Originally a western concept, the idea is booming in India with many enthusiasts taking up coaching in Indian music via music websites. It works both ways. Students, who are mostly working professionals, can learn at their leisure, and the gurus, net savvy musicians themselves, can balance their erratic performance schedules with online teaching sessions.

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Features  |  14 Feb 2008

Labels , Stores Score on Valentine's day Fervour

Valentine's Day this year is making more music to the ears of labels and stores, thanks to brisk business coming in from smaller towns and the emergence of cheaper MP3 CDs that are helping to push sales. V Day titles are not the trickiest of games for music companies. The rules of the season are simple - compile the best of love songs or simply, those songs that suit the mushy occasion from their libraries; make an audio/video CD out of it; price it appropriately and put it up the racks for sale.

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Features  |  17 Jan 2008

Bootleg baloney: It's music to the ears!

Come December, and the air starts humming with excitement. Be it the winter solstice, or new year revelries, festivities crowd the calendar. For a small but devoted section of Indian classical music aficionados, this is the time to head to Chennai where the annual 'music season' is in full swing.

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Features  |  17 Jan 2008

Labels ride the classical wave

It may be miniscule right now, but the market for classical music in India is growing at a steady clip, the dominance of Bollywood music notwithstanding.'s Shalabh discovers that more music companies are tapping newer genres within the classical space to get the cash registers ringing. The good news - Indian classical music sales are picking up, slowly but steadily.

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Features  |  20 Sep 2007

Setting the record straight

There`s a new craze in jockeying circles, and that`s attempting to set records in marathon RJing.

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Features  |  17 Jul 2007

Fruit of temptation

It`s named after the fabled forbidden fruit, and not surprisingly, the Apple iphone`s current unavailability on these shores has raised temptation levels among music and gadget buffs.

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Features  |  12 Jul 2007

Pop goes the talent hunt

Television channels keep hunting for pop idols, when all they are throwing up are playback singers.

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Features  |  22 Jun 2007

World Music Day Special- Making Sound Sense

FM stations in the country are marking World Music Day with a variety of programming and ground initiatives. But are listeners interested? Plug in to any radio station on Thursday and you will discover that it?‹?“s World Music Day today. A day that no

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