Features  |  17 Jan 2018

Beyond the vibrant Bhangara lies the soothing Punjabi Spiritual Music

MUMBAI: In the age of fast-paced music and pop stars emerging everyday and vanishing the very next day, it’s heartening to see almost every home-grown music label having a segment for devotional music. What is even more heart-warming is to see this segment is flourishing even today.

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Features  |  04 Aug 2017

Kishore Special: Songs for the soul

MUMBAI: Kishore Kumar (4 August 1929 – 13 October 1987) the multi-talented star of the Indian film industry playback was and is still considered one of the most successful playback singers of the Hindi film industry.

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Features  |  27 Jul 2017

Know about these five Indian musicians and their global fame

MUMBAI: Be it countrywide or worldwide, music is soul bound and has no limitations when it comes to language, region and whatever music comes with it. Down the memory lane, we have had great musical maestros like Pandit Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussain, A.

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Features  |  22 Jul 2017

Bollywood singers unite to fight depression; mourn for Chester Bennington

MUMBAI: The recent death of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park has shaken the world. Chester who was a front man of American rock band Linkin Park committed suicide because of depression.

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Features  |  22 Jul 2017

Some masterpieces of Mukesh

MUMBAI: Mukesh, A voice that touched our souls, a voice that we fell in love with, a voice that has always stayed in our hearts. Mukesh has been one of those voices of the industry which has always stayed in our hearts, and will always stay. Songs of him are still fondly remembered by all.

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Features  |  21 Jul 2017

Lyrics that are hard to forget- Anand Bakshi

MUMBAI: Bakshi Prakash Anand Vaid, fondly known as Anand Bakshi, was born in a family of Mohyal Brahmins from Kurree, on 21 July 1930 in Rawalpindi. Thus, on his birth anniversary Radioandmusic, takes you through his life’s journey.

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Features  |  19 Jul 2017

Did you know these singers favourite Monsoon songs?

MUMBAI: Monsoon mania has already begun in Mumbai and a smoky rainy day is a good day only if you are spending time with a cup of coffee and some music.

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Features  |  18 Jul 2017

Mehdi Hassan: A voice hard to forget

MUMBAI: Mehdi Hassan had an unmatchable voice, one that created a niche for him in the music industry of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, and that space remains uninterrupted till date.

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Features  |  17 Jul 2017

Rabindra Sangeet singers of our country that you should listen to

MUMBAI: Rabindranath Tagore needs no introduction. There is something special about him due to which Bengal’s Gen Y can easily abandon a filmy song and instantly switch to a Tagore’s Music with apt seriousness.

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Features  |  15 Jul 2017

Rewinding to the '90s

MUMBAI: Nineties was the time when music had a totally different meaning, the compositions had their own beauty, and the songs of that time had a different soul to them.

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Features  |  12 Jul 2017

This day, that year: Shreya Ghoshal made her Bollywood debut

MUMBAI: Remember back in 2002, Silsila Ye Chahat Ka, Bairi Piya, Chalak Chalak, Morey Piya and Dola Re Dola became huge hits, and one name that became unforgettable with these songs was Shreya Ghoshal.

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Features  |  10 Jul 2017

Being trolled on social media led to their social exit

MUMBAI: Recently Ed Sheeran quit Twitter after being trolled on it. It’s not the first time that singers or celebrities have quit social media due to trolls or threats. Not only famous people quit due to trolling but also common people go through it.

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