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Features |  28 Feb 2018 17:32 |  By RnMTeam

Let's hear it from Fitness Industry experts about connection of music with exercise

MUMBAI:  Holiday season is over, but memories of it are visible on our bodies. With summer on the advent, holiday weight needs to be ridden off at the earliest. So, work-out is the agenda and what is workout without some rocking music. From teenagers who go for their gymming with their iPods on to middle aged people going for their evening walks with phones plugged in, show the importance and connection of music and exercise. Let’s hear it from Praveen and Mahek, the best from fitness industry currently, who are the reason behind gorgeous bodies of many Bollywood stars like Shraddha Kapoor, Maniesh Paul, Sushant Singh Rajput, Aditya Roy Kapoor.

“It's no secret that music has the ability to elicit emotional responses; research backs up this fact. A song can make us feel happy, sad, angry, empowered, or motivated. The latter is one reason why many of us reach for the headphones when we go for a run or crank up some upbeat tunes while working out. Music plays with the mind, it motivates, improves motor skills, reduces the feeling of fatigue and tiredness. Multiple studies have shown that music is especially influential during repetitive, endurance activities. Choosing the music you like best can enhance the performance boost and reduce your perceived exertion. In other words, listening to music can make your workout feel easier or encourage you to work harder without you feeling like you are,”says the couple in resonance. Praveen and Mahek are not only Crossfit Level 2 trainers, but also Crossfit Gymnastic coaches, internationally certified in programs like TRX, Vipr, Rip trainer, Kettlebells, and are still adding more accolades to their career.

The pertinent question is what kind of music should one hear while working out, while Bollywood remains the most favourite among all generations, here are some specifications, given by the experts, “Since endurance training involves high-intensity exercises, your gym members will benefit the most from music with 135 or more beats, so in that case, Tabata is the best option. You can also choose fast tempo music genres such as trance, techno, upbeat pop music, or hard rock are popular options for endurance exercises.”

“For strength training exercises such as weightlifting, look for songs with repetitive rhythm and about 115 to 135 beats per minute. Try playing songs from artists like the Black Eyed Peas or AC/DC, as their music usually comes with a repetitive tempo that is ideal for weightlifting and other strength building exercises. Stretching Yoga and Pilates– Balancing exercises and other low-impact exercises require calm, soothing music with minimal or no vocals. This would include music with 90 to 115 beats per minute. Genres like rhythm and blues, alternative, indie rock and soft rock are highly recommended for these exercises,” they further added.

The most popular and practised form of workout is Cardio. “Cardio – Like strength training exercises, cardio exercises are also effective with powerful, quick and repetitive beats. You can find some of the best cardio workout songs in genres like pop and heavy metal,” the experts explain. 

The fitness gurus share the importance and observations, “To get that heart rate up, remixes are ‘key’. The more DJs, the better. All of that tectonic and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) becomes a lot less of a nuisance, and a lot more of a necessity when it comes to high-intensity workouts. Without the quick, heavy beats playing in your ears throughout your one-hour exercise routine, how will you ever feel motivated to drop down and do 30 pushups?”

Sarvesh Shashi, face of Zorba Yoga chain, with 25 different forms of Yoga, in India shared,“Music is a very essential part in any workout depending on the intensity of the workout and the reason for the workout. For gym, it is different, for yoga, it is different.” He continues, saying even in Yoga the requirements could differ, depending on the form you practice, “In yoga, while doing meditation, it's different, while doing pranayama, it's different, while relaxation, it's different. It acts as a guide in alternative practices like yoga but in gyms, it acts as a motivator in gyms, functional training spaces, etc. Increases your adrenaline rush.”

Experts’ playlist-Praveen and Mahek

Tabata- the best option for high-intensity workout like CrossFit.

Skrillex is a must!

Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons,

Applause” by Lady Gaga,

Lonely Boys by The Black Keys,

The Fixer by Pearl Jam,

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees.

Appetite for Destruction” by Guns ‘N’ Roses,

 Let it Go by Dragonette,

Feel so Close by Calvin Harris.

Runaway (U & I)by Galantis 

Colors by Halsey (Audien remix)

Expert Sarvesh Shashi’s Playlist:

For my type of Yoga I prefer Shiv Tandav Strotam or Tamil songs. For meditation though, I recommend peace and silence.

What are we waiting for? Let’s load our personal music players and hit the gym!! And in case you want to train with the experts, here are the details:

These fitness freaks, Praveen and own their first Crossfit Box in Goregaon west called BodyProCoach where they offer more than nine programs including Crossfit.