Features  |  17 Jan 2018

Beyond the vibrant Bhangara lies the soothing Punjabi Spiritual Music

MUMBAI: In the age of fast-paced music and pop stars emerging everyday and vanishing the very next day, it’s heartening to see almost every home-grown music label having a segment for devotional music. What is even more heart-warming is to see this segment is flourishing even today.

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Features  |  27 Oct 2017

10 best songs of Anuradha Paudwal

MUMBAI: Padma Shri Anuradha Paudwal who has always been a prominent voice of the industry in the 90’s era is celebrating her birthday today.

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Features  |  26 Oct 2017

Get spooked the musical way this Halloween

MUMBAI: Once again we have come to the spookiest weekend of the year, Halloween or also known as All Hallows’ Eve, it occurs annually on 31 October.

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Features  |  25 Oct 2017

These songs are dedicated to the temples of India

Mumbai: Tracks like Shirdi Wale Sai Baba, Namoh Namah pull you towards some significant temples in India. These temples are not only beautifully carved but are also situated in the most beautiful parts of India. Here is a list of songs that are truly dedicated to the temples of India.

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Features  |  19 Oct 2017

Bollywood singers share childhood Diwali memories

MUMBAI: Finally the festival of lights is here! Diwali is a festival which is very close to all, the festival which not only brings happiness but also lightens up the lives of the people. Festivals also take you down the memory lane. For, many best festive moments are the ones in childhood.

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Features  |  14 Oct 2017

Musical connections of Bigg Boss

MUMBAI: Colors’ Bigg Boss inmates will never be complete without a musician. A music artiste has and will always be an important part of this controversial reality property. In fact, the current season too has rapper Akash Dadlani as its contestant.

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Features  |  02 Oct 2017

Follow Gandhi's principles say singers this Gandhi Jayanti

MUMBAI: He stood for Non-Cooperation movement, began the Quit India movement and vigorously fought for the Independence of our country, yes we are talking about ‘The Father of the Nation’, Mahatma Gandhi rightly called as Bapu with love.

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Features  |  14 Sep 2017

Birthday Special: Ayushmann Khurrana's mesmerizing songs

MUMBAI: It’s been a long journey for Ayushmann Khurrana from Chandigarh to Mumbai. The struggle has given him success and the Bollywood music industry a soulful male voice. The Pani Da singer who stole our hearts a while back celebrates his 33rd birthday today.

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Features  |  14 Sep 2017

Birthday Special: Best songs of Kavita Seth

MUMBAI: There are some voices that fit right in the classical zone of music, some of them are suitable for Bollywood music, some for Sufi, and so on. But there are very few voices which go so well in every genre. One such voice is the multi- talented singer, Kavita Seth.

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Features  |  08 Sep 2017

Singers pay tribute to Asha Bhosle on her 84th Birthday

MUMBAI: Asha Bhosle has been an inspiration and has mentored many singers. Our singers pay a special tribute to the ‘Queen of Bollywood’ Asha Bhosle who has given commendable hits.

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Features  |  26 Aug 2017

Music Industry shares Ganeshotsav experience

MUMBAI: Festivals are all about making memories. A few we manage to capture while the others stay with us in our hearts. Well, the time to make new memories has arrived with Ganpati Bappa entering our homes.

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Features  |  18 Aug 2017

Birthday Special: 15 beautiful songs of Gulzar

MUMBAI: Many can write, but there are only few who write for the soul and Indian poet, lyricist, film director Gulzar is one of them. The ace Bollywood lyricist has given Indian cinema some unforgettable songs, thus it’s hard to put a handful few under the ‘best songs’ bracket.

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