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YNW Melly capital murder case, pre-trial discovery; case scheduled in 2021

MUMBAI: The progress of the Gifford rapper's double homicide capital murder case for Jamell Demons next court appearance for a status hearing where prosecutors and attorneys will discuss, possibly by Zoom is scheduled Jan. 28, 2021.

The 21-year-old incarcerated artist's tweets saying he'll "be home soon," prosecutors said even without the COVID-19 pandemic, homicide cases regularly take "more than a couple years" to reach trial.

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Despite messages of "Free Melly" from YNW Melly fans, fueled by social media gossip and online clickbait, speculation persists on the status of the rapper's case and his incarceration.

The Broward County State Attorney's Office said Demons' the case isn't going to trial anytime soon, and without bond, Demons will be staying in jail.

Broward State said "COVID-19 is affecting practically all cases in our jurisdiction,"

"Every case has unique facts and circumstances, but homicide cases routinely take more than a couple of years." By email Attorney's Office spokeswoman Paula McMahon,

The shooting death Anthony Williams of Gifford — YNW Sakchaser — and Christopher Thomas Jr. of Fort Pierce — is almost two years now after the Oct. 26, 2018 shooting.YNW Juvy, Demons remains in Broward County Jail where he's been held without bail on two first-degree murder charges since he turned himself into law enforcement on Feb. 13, 2019.

A number of factors likely have caused confusion about the case, namely the effect of the pandemic on courtrooms across the state, and the release from jail of Demons' longtime a friend and fellow rapper Cortlen Henry, known as YNW Bortlen, who was arrested on two murder and accessory charges in the shootings.

Demons, who his attorney said contracted COVID-19 in jail, fought for release from jail in April but was denied by a judge in May. He was thought to be the second person to test positive for the virus inside the facility.